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Victory with forcefulness and security

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Victory with forcefulness and security

Julián Andrés Santa

Deportivo Pereira added its second consecutive victory in the Colombian League and the first at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium after having defeated Fortaleza by a score of 2-0. Faber Gil and Gonzalo Lencina were the authors of the goals to achieve an important victory with forcefulness and security, which also gives the team enough confidence to handle a favorable result.

They already have two goals

Both winger Faber Gil and forward Gonzalo Lencina added their second goal for the institution. Furthermore, the Argentine did it consecutively in his second game, thus covering the main need that the team had, which was to be able to have an effective nine.

Security behind

For the first time, Matecaña was able to keep a clean sheet in the Colombian League, a reward for the good defensive work the team had against Fortaleza. The Uruguayan goalkeeper Santiago Ichazo was one of the highest points, responding very well when he was called upon, in addition the debutant center back Santiago Aguilar entered the complement and was key in replacing Emiro Garcés, so much so that he was applauded by the fans.

Points to gain more confidence

Without a doubt, achieving a new victory and the first at home, allows the team to continue gaining confidence after a start with doubts. Furthermore, the squad was not inferior to the defensive scheme well planned by Fortaleza nor to the refereeing errors of the Caldense center Juan Pablo Alba who sent off Leonel Álvarez for a protest and also stopped the game when Yesus Cabrera had a clear scoring opportunity.

Enter the eight

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Partially, yesterday’s victory allows Deportivo Pereira to enter the group of eight with seven points and improves its goal difference, which was negative and is now +1.

Applauded by the public

Once again Deportivo Pereira had great support from its audience despite the tough schedule of a Thursday at 4 in the afternoon. Approximately 10 thousand people were present at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas and they were always involved in the game. Two of the most applauded players when they were substituted were Carlos Darwin Quintero, who assisted Faber Gil’s goal at 1-0, and Gonzalo Lencina, who scored the second goal to close out the match.


Deportivo Pereira will visit Alianza FC in Valledupar this Sunday, February 11, starting at 8:20 p.m.



James Ichazo

Jordy Monroy

Jean Pestaña

Emiro Garces

Yeison Suarez

Juan David Ríos

Ewill Murillo

Yesus Cabrera

Carlos Darwin Quintero

Faber Gil

Gonzalo Lencina

DT: Leonel Álvarez


Juan Castillo

Hayen Palacios

Daniel Rivera

Joyce Bones

Cesar Hinestroza

Ronaldo Bird

Leonardo Pico

Kevin Padilla

Yeiner Londono


n Navarro

Adrian Parra

DT: Sebastian Oliveros

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