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Video: Gustavo Petro stars in lapses for inclusive language

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Video: Gustavo Petro stars in lapses for inclusive language

Video: Gustavo Petro stars in lapses for inclusive language

During the launch of the CampeSENA initiative, President Gustavo Petro had a small mistake in his speech, we will tell you what happened.

Since his speeches as a senator of the republic, the current president Gustavo Petro has stood out as a skillful orator who even tends to improvise during his statements and still stands out for the facility he has to unite concepts and connect with his audience. However, after his arrival at the Casa de Nariño, he has also made several lapses and errors. More recently, for example recorded one for inclusive language use account.

The president’s statements were made in the framework of his speech during the launch of CampeSENA, an initiative of the National Government that seeks to promote the training of farm workers in Colombia and thus boost agricultural production.

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The slip was generated when President Petro made reference to the agrarian reform in Colombia and what this would mean for the rights of peasants.

“If Fedegan keeps his word and we have the resources in the budget to buy the land now, and that this entire government dedicates the following years to this, we can carry out an agrarian reform and we can put the peasantry, not only in the Constitution, as a subject of rights and rights…”, the president pronounced before correcting and referring to the political orientation.

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The moment generated laughter among those attending the event as well as the president who was quick to resume the thread of the speech to highlight that currently, in the 21st century, more than a hoe, it is necessary to support the Colombian peasant with connectivity and clean energy.

CampeSENA and the training of Colombian peasants

During the launch of CampeSENA, a training strategy for peasant farmers in Colombia with the support of the National Training Service (SENA), President Gustavo Petro announced that farm workers they will no longer have to certify having completed primary school and high school to access the programs of the renowned Colombian entity.

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“Several requirements for high school and primary degrees are suspended to study technicians at the Seine. The peasantry will be educated in clean energy and connectivity communities. The decision to carry out an agrarian reform is irreversible”, stated the president in the company of the Director of the National Learning Service Jorge Eduardo Londoño.

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