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video interview with Marco Bellocchio

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video interview with Marco Bellocchio

In cinemas after an applauded presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, Rapito is the new successful exciting fresco by Marco Bellocchio. We met him and we present a video interview with him.

Busy these days to greet the audience in theaters around Italy, Mark Bellocchio is fresh off the well-received presentation of his new film at the Cannes Film Festival. Kidnapped tell the story of the little one Edgardo Mortaraa Jew from Bologna who was forcibly converted to Catholicism by the Papal States led by Pius IX, precisely in the years in which Italy was completing its liberation and subsequent national unification, definitively putting an end to the pope’s temporal power.

A powerful film and confirmation of the new creative youth of the author from Piacenza. We met him during the Cannes Film Festival and we present the our video interview.

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