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Video: thieves threaten and steal a D1 in Bogotá

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Video: thieves threaten and steal a D1 in Bogotá

What Mayor Galán says

Through his social networks, the president of Bogotá referred to the latest security events that are happening in the Colombian capital. There, through a video, he stated:

“I was very clear that this was the main problem that we were going to face in the city, security. That is why from the first moment we started an operational strategy that changed many things in Bogotá, things that have to do with how the police operate, the quadrants , issues of immediate reaction groups. We began to articulate ourselves,” says the mayor in a video that lasts two minutes.

Later Galán affirms that the authorities, citizens, the private sector, the Army and the Prosecutor’s Office did not work together.

The president also pointed out that there are already figures on his security strategy in just two months of his mandate, but he made it clear that “it is not enough.”

“This wave that we have seen of violence and theft shows that there are not enough that we have to continue making and maintaining efforts (…), we are going to have 700 additional police officers to strategically distribute them in the padlock plan that is going to be carried out at different points,” Galán explained.

Finally, the mayor of Bogotá added that there will be two helicopters and drones to strengthen the care and security of Bogota residents.

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