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Vigo, a day with Jason Cesco for elementary school pupils

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Vigo, a day with Jason Cesco for elementary school pupils

Pupils of the elementary school of Vigo at a lesson by Jason Cesco and his snowmobile. A particular lesson for the children of the Oltrepiave who, anticipating one of the sports days, met one of the best known talents in the area. Jason Cesco has been practicing freestyle with snowmobiling for many years now, an unusual profession that very few in the world have undertaken, participating in the most important international events of this discipline. Meeting the children of his native country and the same school he attended in the place where he trains and showing them his evolution with the snowmobile was a unique emotion for him.

“I never thought I would receive so much warmth and enthusiasm”, he underlined, “a real supporter”. In the morning, after some video shoots, the students moved to the Cesco training park, which is located along the road to Casera Razzo. Jason explained some technical details of the snowmobile to them, then kicked off the Freestyle exhibition. Thanks to the launch pad, he performed some straight jumps in combination with various maneuvers in the air (tricks) up to the fateful “loop of death”, which literally drove the children crazy. After the show, the students rushed on him with irrepressible enthusiasm, looking for an autograph. “In addition to the emotions that the children have given me”, Cesco affirms, “I am proud to know that this event has been included in a larger school project that will see me also involved in the future at school to tell about my life experience” .

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Satisfaction also from the teachers of the primary school of Vigo. “The idea was born a couple of years ago, but it remained in the drawer”, they explain, “finally we were able to organize the meeting thanks to the help of some volunteers who accompanied the children in this wonderful experience dedicated to sport, outside the classroom ».

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