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Villatoro and Lira, from ARENA, ask to end “exceptions” and legislate against crime

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Representatives Marcela Villatoro and Francisco Lira, from the Nationalist Republican Alliance party (ARENA), demand the creation of a special law that attacks gangs and that does not violate the constitutional rights of all Salvadorans.

Marcela Villatoro assured this week that through the emergency regime extended on Tuesday by Nayib Bukele’s government, for the twenty-fifth time, the rights of the entire population are lost, not just criminals.

According to the deputy, it is necessary “That a special law be made that brings the elements that are used in the emergency regime but respecting the constitutional rights of citizens, including tools for prevention and combating gangs,” she explained to journalists.

Likewise, he pointed out that it is necessary to protect citizens from abuses by bad police and military elements.

He said that a complete legislation is needed that guarantees the constitutional rights of citizens, as well as protection from abuses by members of the police and military corporation in order to protect the population that has not committed crimes.

“More than two years have passed and there should already be permanent legislation and not continue with extensions,” he asserted.

For his part, Francisco Lira, also from ARENA, is of the opinion that “The country can reach levels of full stability in terms of public security as long as the rights of (innocent) people are restored.” The country needs to advance and progress economically, but for this to happen we must restore legal security, an essential condition so that investment can expand in the economy.

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After two years, “the time has come to find a way to return to due process, without losing the results obtained. We cannot allow the sacrifices of thousands of innocent people to be lost,” Lira explained to deputies.

The same authorities have recognized the release of some 10,000 people who had no ties to gangs and the opposition has questioned the lack of protocols to prevent arbitrary captures from continuing to happen and of reparation for people who have suffered them.

National and international human rights organizations have warned of various violations of the rights of people who are not related to gangs, as well as torture and deaths within the prison system.

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