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Vincenzo Pirrotta tells a scene from Spaccaossa (Video)

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Vincenzo Pirrotta tells a scene from Spaccaossa (Video)

“This scene takes place all in one night, it’s a very intense moment because something will happen soon that will involve all the protagonists of the film”, says Vincenzo Pirrotta, director of Bonecrusher. “It’s symbolic because it evokes all the desperation and ruthlessness of the characters.”

The film is set in the suburbs of Palermo, where a real business takes place in a warehouse. An improvised criminal organization breaks the limbs of consenting people with a suitcase full of weights, who, once they have had their legs or arms mutilated, can ask the state for money. By pretending to have suffered an accident, the “victims” can collect large indemnities to be divided – not equally – with those who helped them to receive it, breaking their limbs. This story full of despair, however, will have many developments, which will lead to great twists.

Vincenzo Pirrotta is an actor, playwright and theater director. Bonecrusher it is his first feature film.

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