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Violence against women: the giant giant red bench in the square

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Monument wanted by the municipality inaugurated today

(ANSA) – SICULIANA, 04 DEC – A monument was inaugurated today in Siculiana (Agrigento), next to the town hall, which reproduces a large red wrought iron bench, 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. Mayor Giuseppe Zambiente, wants to be a tribute to all women victims of violence, whose International Day was commemorated on 25 November. The site chosen for the location of the monument was called the “Piazzale della bench rossa”.

In a space that had been abandoned – said Mayor Zambiente – we inaugurated a monument that represents a symbol of the commitment of the institutions against this dramatic problem. A giant bench – he added – will oblige all those who will pass through here to become more aware of a problem that certainly cannot be pretended not to see “.

The captain of the carabinieri Alberto Giordano, commander of the radio-mobile nucleus of Agrigento, also took part in the inauguration of the monument, who highlighted how the theme is deeply felt, “with intense attention – he said – that the weapon pays to of a phenomenon, gender-based violence, which must also be countered with awareness-raising initiatives such as that of today in Siculiana “. (HANDLE).

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