Home News Vittorio Veneto, a 15-year-old student saves an elderly person from the stake

Vittorio Veneto, a 15-year-old student saves an elderly person from the stake

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Vittorio Veneto, a 15-year-old student saves an elderly person from the stake

David Vazzola, protagonist of the act of courage

On Thursday afternoon, an 87-year-old found himself surrounded by flames after trying to burn brushwood in the woods. The boy saw the scene from the window of his house and intervened

VITTORIO VENETO. A 15-year-old boy saves the life of an elderly man. It was David Vazzola, a student of Cerletti, who took a pensioner away from the area of ​​the fire that broke out on Thursday afternoon in the wood of Perdonanze. “My son was studying and from the bedroom he saw this big cloud of smoke from under the wood”, says his mother Alessandra Buso, teacher. “He ran to the area where the smoke was coming from, finding the pensioner lying on the ground in a semi-unconscious state, with some parts of his body burned. Luckily he had taken the first aid course at Cerletti and remembered that in these circumstances the person must not be moved. In the meantime, he called to tell me to alert the fire brigade. The situation was serious, the fire was rising to the left of the house ».

The 87-year-old elder, not a local, in the past had been for many years the forester and the gamekeeper of the Perdonanze reserve. Thursday afternoon he had set fire to it with the intent of burning brush. “David, without hesitation, dragged him off the ground, without lifting him, because he was too close to the embers that were just above him. Embers that then came down in the exact spot where the old man was. If David hadn’t arrived, that man would have become a human torch. ‘

After recovering, the 87-year-old told the boy he had lost his hearing aid and so David started looking for him. «After a few minutes, heedless of the burns», continues Alessandra Buso, «the elderly man left on the slope towards the fire, with a gallows in his hand to try to put out the flames, not realizing the danger of the situation. My son ran after him, telling him to stop and convincing him to go back. He made him sit on a bench until help arrived ».

David, for the courage of his actions and for his cold blood, also received compliments from the Carabinieri of Vittorio Veneto and the firefighters. “I took pride as a mother, I was surprised at the conscious way David dealt with the emergency and how he interacted. He is only 15 years old, but he was good, he saved this person’s life ».

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