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Vittorio Veneto, grows marijuana in the fields: farmer arrested

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Vittorio Veneto, grows marijuana in the fields: farmer arrested

He grew cannabis in the fields near his home: farmer arrested. He was endowed with a “particular” green thumb MB, 30 years old from Farra di Soligo. The cultivation of him cost him the arrest by the carabinieri of the Vittorio Veneto Company. The enterprising farmer had planted 13 cannabis plants of varying heights in his soil. Cultivation has not escaped the soldiers of the Arma who discovered the illicit activity of man. The plants were found during a blitz triggered in recent days. In particular, in the field the military has found a cultivation of cannabis sativa, of about one hundred plants, protected by a net. So far nothing illegal, since MB has exhibited the regular authorization. On the perimeter of the cultivation, however, the carabinieri identified the presence of 13 marijuana plants, in an advanced state of development: of these there was no authorization.

At that point, the military carried out the search of the house. In the basement, in the cellar and laboratory rooms, more than five kilos of the same dried and largely pre-packaged drug were found, as well as a precision slingbar.

Further investigations will also be carried out on some identification documents of dubious invoice, which the man held and which were seized together with the large quantity of drugs. The thirty-year-old appeared yesterday in front of the judge for the hearing that validated the arrest that was carried out in flagrantee of the crime of cultivation and possession of narcotic substances, in a quantity such as to hypothesize the transfer to third parties.

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The investigating magistrate noted the concrete risk of a repeat of the crime and for this reason he also established the precautionary measure of the obligation to stay in the Municipality of residence, with a ban on leaving the house between 9 pm and 7 am. of the police to guarantee that the farmer cannot commit further crimes. At the end of the preliminary hearing, MB was released with the obligation to communicate where he will fix his home pending trial.

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