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Vittorio Veneto, mass sickness after the evening of street food in the square

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Dozens of people suffering from intestinal disorders after the crowded party in the square. The carabinieri are looking for the managers of the kiosks

VITTORIO VENETO. Epidemic of intestinal infections in the city. It happened after the “Street food” festival held in Ceneda. Several victoriesi complained of stomach ache and had to resort to hasty escapes to the bathroom. Coincidence wanted this strange “epidemic” to coincide with the weekend that saw the “Flavors of the World Street Food” staged, organized from 1 to 3 October in Piazza Giovanni Paolo I.

The stands, duly authorized by the municipality of Vittorio Veneto, were stormed by thousands of patrons. A successful formula, which proposed the combination of food and music, attracting many people to the square, attracted by very different scents from the usual, but also curious to taste the typical and local street food dishes, proposed by street vendors. The finish, however, left a bad taste in the mouth.

Dozens and dozens of people – about fifty at least – have complained of illness. It looks like food poisoning, even if at the moment the causes have not yet been clarified. No complaint has been filed so far, but several reports have arrived at the Vittorio Veneto carabinieri. And all referring to particular ethnic foods. So much so that the military interested the Municipality to acquire the details of the owners of the kiosks.

At the moment these are hypotheses that are being examined by the competent authorities, in search of possible responsibilities. All the people who had ailments reported being sick after eating ethnic food, especially some dishes typical of a particular stand.

There are those who have been sick already on Saturday evening, others on Sunday night. Symptoms united by abdominal pain and severe dysentery. At first, those who had been affected by the malaise thought they had caught cold, given the change of season. Then, however, word of mouth began and the suspicions focused on the evening spent at street food. Among the “affected” there are families with children, adolescents, engaged couples.

“As far as I know, all the people I heard and who ate at the Mexican stand were sick,” says a 25-year-old girl from the neighborhood. “It is not known exactly what caused the discomfort. I know at least a dozen people who have had dysentery and stomach ache ”.

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«My son has missed three days of school», Valentina Modolo says, «he has not yet fully recovered, he is being treated with lactic ferments. On Sunday I went to Ceneda with him and two other friends of his, all around 16 years old. Already at night all three began to feel bad. Everyone had ordered the same dish at the Mexican stand. I know of other families with children who have had the same symptoms, at least ten, among my contacts and all customers of that stand. I got away with it because I didn’t eat there. ‘

«Everything is regular», the organizer of the event just said angrily. “We only received an email from a lady who had had an argument with the kitchen ladya Mexican who is Italian by the way. The customer only complained about the cold meat, which is not apparent. I have nothing else to add”. The question may not end here, given that the carabinieri have moved to verify who the managers of the kiosks are.


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