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Vittorio Veneto, the saleswoman of new mothers killed by fulminant leukemia

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Maura Sacilotto, 52-year-old saleswoman

Maura Sacilotto was 52 years old and was the soul of the “Ibebe” shop, where she had worked for some years. The owner Daniela Bodaproste moved

VITTORIO VENETO. A fulminant leukemia dulled Maura Sacilotto’s smile. The saleswoman of the new mothers was only 52 years old, who passed away on Friday, and leaves her husband and an 18-year-old son. But the “iBebe” shop she worked for, in Serravalle, mourns her like a daughter or a sister. Her smile, in fact, illuminated the business – everything that is needed for children – and every client who was lucky enough to be advised by her and by the other orders that Maura had prepared over the years.

In fact, the memory of Daniela Bodaproste, the owner, who counted on Maura’s collaboration since 2017, is moved when she explains that Maura was not the usual saleswoman and that Maura, in addition to being her first collaborator, is also the one who she is involved in the training and coordination of the other five orders gradually taken on.

Last week the 52-year-old clerk was at home on vacation, she carried out further investigations after a series of ailments and unfortunately the response was that of fulminant leukemia. She passed away on Friday. On Saturday the “iBebe” shop was closed due to mourning, in the bitter surprise of the many victories who knew it. For the owner, but also for many victories who appreciated the order, but above all for many new mothers, a very hard blow. There was no mother, there were no parents who did not find in the interlocutor the most appropriate solution to the problem they posed. The date of the funeral has not yet been decided, which will take place in the next few days. –

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