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Vivo Craft Fair in Cison, 160 exhibitors and many visitors

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Vivo Craft Fair in Cison, 160 exhibitors and many visitors

The event in the splendid setting of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, continues until August 15th

THERE ARE. “It’s nice to see serenity in people’s eyes”. Simone Moret, the very young president of the Pro Loco of Cison di Valmarino, creator, together with the municipal administration, of the 41st Edition of Artigianato Vivo, is very happy.

The fair is staged in the splendid setting of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. From the 6th of August and until Monday the 15th the town is mobilized and celebrating, “there is practically no one at home” says Simone Moret. About 160 exhibitors and 300 volunteers at work these days for the event.

Artigianato Vivo in Cison di Valmarino with 160 exhibitors, the video of the fair

Artigianato Vivo in Cison di Valmarino with 160 exhibitors, the video of the fair

The president says: “We are at the turning point for this edition and the balance is very positive, in recent years the event has grown a lot. The numbers are not yet those of the pre-pandemic, but just the constant coming and going of people who are giving us so much satisfaction after the difficult 2021 edition also characterized by restrictions. This year we were also able to reintroduce music, in a new itinerant form, village by village ”.
As evening falls, the village fills up with people, in the valley, in the shade of the mountains, the heat of the day gives way to a pleasant breeze and the sunset colors the atmosphere, typical of a summer evening.
You stroll among the stalls, small and large browse among the artisans’ stands, bags and purses, necklaces, earrings, fabrics, vases, oils and perfumes. Only hundreds of creations that can be found, there are those who work in front of the spectators with expert hands, giving life to the event. We chat, collect information and everyone is always available to tell the story that lies behind the objects on display.

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Among the many artisans present, we find Walter, beats the iron, the noise echoes in the air attracting the attention of the curious, while his wife Federica welcomes customers.
Tomio Waman Inti is a young man who comes from Trentino and creates works through creative recycling, automatons and sculptures that come to life.

Like “Calici di Vite” the creation created for the edition of Artigianato Vivo 2022, a journey that tells all the effort and work that lies behind a good wine. Retracing all the stages of winemaking through the movements of metal mechanisms, from the sun and the moon to the moment of sharing the wine, a special moment.
The first prize for the exhibiting artisans of Artigianato Vivo 2022 was awarded by Enrica Benetello of Castellazzo Novarese, who exhibits her hand-painted silks with an Indonesian technique. She is satisfied with the top step of the podium and thanks the organizers: “For us artisans this fair is very important, being in such a beautiful village, meeting with professionals in the sector and finding so many people is really nice”.
President Moret: “We already like to think about next year, the stimulus is there, the volunteers have also put their own contribution this year and I want to thank them and we hope to return to their former glory in 2023.”
The fair continues until the day of August 15th. Saturday afternoon begins with the clowns of “The little prince” and the meeting with the author Giannandrea Mencini.

At 9 pm the interview with Pino Dellasega founder of the Italian Nordic walking and music school with Lumakaleè, Jim Jam Quartet and Doppio zero. Both Sunday 14 and August 15th for lunch it will be possible to taste the spit cooked by the Cisonese masters. The cultural moment at 6 pm on Sunday will take place in the council chamber with the writers Beppe Cantele and Franco Zabagli, while in the afternoon and in the evening for the children shows with the magician Alberto Vio and the illusionist Sirio Alfieri.

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On 15 August the morning will open with the forty-fifth edition of the Cyclamen March and will end with the rock music evening of the Ravioli giganti and Leo Miglioranza group.

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