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Vlaams Belang party leader speaks about “naughty Mohamedjes”

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Britt Huybrechts, MP in Flemish Brabant, dusts off the old rhetoric of her party Vlaams Belang: “In the recreational areas you are harassed by groups of naughty Mohamedjes.”

At 24 years old, Britt Huybrechts is one of the youngest party leaders for the upcoming elections. But her language is that of the Vlaams Belang leaders from twenty years ago. While chairman Tom Van Grieken is doing his best to smooth out the sharp edges of his party, she speaks bluntly about “naughty Mohamedjes” in a campaign video.

In an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Vlaams Belang TV’, Huybrechts is asked questions about migration. She answers that the impact of this is visible in many areas, including when it comes to safety. She gives the recreational domains as an example. “You are always harassed by certain youth groups in the holiday domains,” says Huybrechts – she makes the symbol of quotation marks with her hands for the word “young people”. “These groups do not contain the good Johannes of the world, but the naughty Mohamedjes, who have come here to look for things.”

The former president of KVHV does not shy away from the typical language of Vlaams Belang — © BART DEWAELE

Huybrechts was previously president of the right-wing student association KVHV in Leuven and was locally active with N-VA. As a newcomer, she is immediately the party leader for the Chamber in Flemish Brabant.

It is not only about the recreational areas that she uses the ‘dirty’ language of Vlaams Belang. She also talks about development cooperation and the money that the Belgian government “would rather spend on the Third World than on its own people”. “As a result, the Belgian government is not only importing the Third World through migration, but is also turning Belgium into a Third World country.” (pl)

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