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Volcanic eruption in Indonesia, hikers evacuated

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The Marapi volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Sunday, sending ash up to three kilometers into the air. Dozens of hikers are said to be near the volcano and have to be evacuated.

The eruption has banned residents and tourists from coming within three kilometers of the crater, local authorities said. More than 70 people were said to have been in the area on Saturday and Sunday morning, more than half could not yet be located.

“Our crews are working to evacuate everyone. We hope we can locate everyone safe and sound,” Sumatra Nature Conservation Agency chief Dian Indriati said.

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The Marapi volcano is 2,891 meters high and is the most active volcano in Indonesia. According to the authorities, warning level three applies on a scale of four.

Volcanic ash has fallen in the city of Bukittinggi, the third largest city in Sumatra with 100,000 inhabitants. Residents are advised to protect themselves with face masks and headgear.



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