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Volodymyr Ostapchuk Positive Bohdan Bushe got into a scandal because of women’s shaving

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Volodymyr Ostapchuk Positive Bohdan Bushe got into a scandal because of women’s shaving

Showman Volodymyr Ostapchuk, who recently got into a scandal because of his participation in a party with Russians in Greece, has come under criticism again. This time because of his remarks about women’s shaving. In his YouTube show “Meknuv – ask”, Volodymyr together with singer Pozitiv and blogger Bohdan Bushe discussed their preferences and requirements for women. They stated that they don’t like girls with body hair.

“It’s not ok”— said Pozitiv.

“I’m not okay at all. I believe that a girl should be shaved all over.” Ostapchuk stated categorically.

“She can’t be 10 out of 10 without waxing. And what she thinks there – sorry!” added Bushe.

The network exploded with outrage. The showmen’s words are considered a manifestation of sexism. Even the human rights organization Gender Zed drew attention to the indecency of the statements of these show business representatives and devoted a separate post to this topic. Ostapchuk, Pozitiva and Bushe were accused of instilling gender stereotypes, outdated and harmful ideas about the female body.

“It seems that they got all their knowledge about the female body from binding Maxim magazines in a dusty attic. These three Kens still live in a doll world where women can only have hair on their heads. After all, they are sure that all “normal” women epilate themselves. And if she has hair somewhere, she can no longer be a “ten” – write human rights defenders.

The message states that depilation of the female body is exclusively a woman’s choice, and not a whim of men who think in stereotypes.

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“Guys, you don’t pull for ten yourself. Throw out your “playboys” and “maxims” from under the pillows”– aptly noted in the publication.

In the comments, the showmen are reproached that their statements offend women, especially those who are currently on the frontlines defending their lives for freedom, such as the Ostapchuks.

“The girls who defend our country, who sit under constant shelling, save the lives of others, cannot wash themselves. And you say that they are not 10 out of 10. But they are 100 out of 10, unlike you, clean-shaven, who, instead of protecting the country and women, sit and cluck like chickens. Just disgusting”– they write in the comments.

Men were forced to justify themselves under the barrage of criticism. He wrote a post on Instagram in which he explained that he did not want to offend anyone, he simply expressed his opinion.

«A man has the right to say that he likes shaved girls. It’s personal preference, not sexism, until a man says a woman isn’t a woman unless she’s shaved. There is no such thing in the issue and it cannot be.” Volodymyr noted and added that the presence or absence of hair on a woman’s body does not define her as a woman or her attractiveness to all men.

“I have already chosen my wife. Everyone else can do what they want – I don’t dictate anything to them. And in general: women themselves should decide what to do with their bodies, not paying attention to what men say. Female body hair is ok. My woman’s body hair is not ok. But I am not talking about the fact that she should always be perfectly shaved, because she is not a robot, but a person. I hope that in a democratic country I have the right to a personal opinion, because its presence is not equal to its imposition”— this is how the TV presenter explained his words.

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However, after the publication, an even greater wave of criticism arose.

Pozitiv also had to make excuses. He explained that he expressed his opinion, which he does not impose on anyone.

“Everyone has their personal preferences, I emphasize – personal. Every person has the right to self-expression, as he or she feels more comfortable, inside and out. And I believe that it is wrong to cancel a person for personal opinion or taste, because then it is not clear what freedom of expression we are fighting for.” – Pozitiv justified himself.
He also apologized to the girls for the fact that waxing sessions became so popular precisely because of the opinion of men.

In a heated discussion under the post, he is advised to think before speaking.

Volodymyr Ostapchuk regularly gets into scandals. He quarrels and divides property with his ex-wives. Khrystyna Hornyak is going to go to court to divide the joint house.


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