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Volpiano, conference on the five referendums for justice

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Volpiano, conference on the five referendums for justice

According to the speakers, the five would lead to the rejuvenation of the judiciary

VOLPIANO. The awareness-raising meeting for the Yes to the Referendum on Justice this Sunday took place last night in Volpiano in the Saletta of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

The conference was very attended and with various interventions by the public saw as speakers the lawyer Antonietta Maggisano, municipal councilor of Volpiano; Maria Grazia Ticket, municipal councilor of Volpiano; Flavio Mazza spokesperson for Action Volpiano and the honorable Alessandro Giglio Vigna, a member of the League whose presence was commissioned by the Volpianese Northern League player Pier Franco Viola and by the local Section.

The speakers all underlined that the result of the Yes victory would lead to a necessary reform, to a more just and efficient justice, because there is an absolute need to “rejuvenate” the judiciary system, this referendum is a step towards a system more avant-garde and more modern judiciary. The subject is very important and affects the lives of thousands of citizens every day who, in various capacities, enter a court.

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