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Volunteering and solidarity in the flooded areas of Tuscany

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Volunteering and solidarity in the flooded areas of Tuscany

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In recent weeks, some areas of Tuscany have been hit by catastrophic floods caused by bad weather which caused the loss of several lives and caused serious damage to homes and infrastructure in various population centers.

Numerous volunteers immediately worked hard, together with the police, to help the local populations to clear streets and houses of water, mud and debris and to bring to safety many people who were stuck on the upper floors of their homes.

Among these volunteers, approximately sixty members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Florence Stake have participated in relief efforts since the first days, coordinating with local authorities to shovel, clean, pump water, clear out and dispose of damaged objects, using pressure washers, water pushers and brooms.

On Sunday, after sacrament meeting, several groups of Church members and their friends once again went to help. The Florence Stake has planned some days of help and comfort with the bishops for the benefit of the disaster-stricken populations, in collaboration with the local authorities.

In all, hundreds of families were assisted, with garages flooded; Among the structures affected was also a residence for the elderly.

Serving others, in addition to bringing comfort and relief to the survivors, has increased a sense of humanity and solidarity in the volunteers. This unity was strengthened by the gratitude expressed by the people rescued who, although desperate, with the help of volunteers, managed to find the strength to get up and start again.

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