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Voragine hospital parking lot, 21 suspects for culpable collapse

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In Naples. Technicians and entrepreneurs. 31 March assignment to consultants

(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAR 29 – Twenty-one people, including technicians and entrepreneurs, have been registered in the register of suspects as part of the investigations of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office on the chasm that opened, last January 8, in the hospital parking lot of the Sea of ​​Ponticelli. A collapse that occurred around 6.30 and for this very reason caused no victims. The registration in the register of suspects, including the tester and anyone who had a role in the construction of the parking lot, is defined by the investigators as a duty aimed at allowing the evacuation of the rubble. Indeed, on March 31st, the consultants of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will be entrusted with the task of shedding light on the incident. (HANDLE).

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