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Vortex around Volksheim Traun: “I don’t want to put anyone on the street”

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Vortex around Volksheim Traun: “I don’t want to put anyone on the street”

As reported, in December the decision was made in the municipal council that sealed the fate of the Volksheim Traun. The building, which is in dire need of renovation, will be demolished. The area is to be an important part of the planned competition for the future design of Traun’s city center.

The Trauner Volksheim will be closed at the end of June, so the clubs housed there need alternative quarters. That’s why a political dispute has broken out. The Trauner SPÖ did not save today with criticism of Mayor Karl-Heinz Koll (VP). So far, he has failed to plan an orderly handover with the clubs, and an urgent SP request as to how the clubs will continue has remained unanswered.

It is also incomprehensible why no negotiations have been conducted with the association Arbeiterheim and the deletion of its fruitful enjoyment rights granted in the land register. After all, some other clubs would use the premises via his usufruct rights.

“On the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration of the city, the club’s activities were praised and now some clubs will be left with nothing from July 1st. An unworthy spectacle with an uncertain outcome at the moment. In any case, we will help the clubs affected and will not accept this situation,” says SP parliamentary group leader Peter Klimczyk.

Mayor: Talks have been going on for weeks

Koll vehemently contradicts this statement, he has been in good talks with the clubs for weeks about finding alternative quarters. “I don’t want to put anyone on the street.”

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Solutions have already been found for some of the clubs, including the Traun homeland and traditional costume club and the chess club, with those clubs that are to be represented by the Arbeiterwohnheim association as fruit lovers, as agreed with its chairman, to hold talks shortly. Specifically, this affects: SPÖ women, ARBÖ, friends of children, friends of nature and the young generation.

Koll also rejects the criticism that SP clubs or those close to the SP are disadvantaged. The political affiliation plays no role: “I expressly state that the municipality will endeavor to find a good future solution with these associations and of course – as well as rights arising from the fruitful enjoyment – will of course be observed.”

With regard to the clearance of the attic area, which was also criticized, Koll states that he was not informed at all about its use and that there was no legal title for it. The evacuation is urgently needed because the fire police regulations can no longer be observed. “This eviction is absolutely not suitable for a party-political hic-hack and I would ask everyone to participate in constructive solutions that I am striving for and will continue to negotiate,” Koll concludes.

The following clubs are currently using or have used the premises of the Volksheim: Traun home and traditional costume club, chess club, workers’ singers’ association, Ruma home and traditional costume club, 1st Traun carnival guild, Traun pensioners’ association, ISI club, SPÖ women, ARBÖ, children’s friends, nature lovers and young people Generation. The state music school also had premises there.

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