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Waiting lists, Asl / To4 ready to grow internal activities

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Waiting lists, Asl / To4 ready to grow internal activities

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A discussion with the union opened after the various reminders. Another 2 million additional resources to be committed

IVREA. The issue of waiting lists at the center of the discussion between the leaders of the ASL / To4 directed by Stefano Scarpetta and the trade unions. The meeting was solicited after the signing of the agreement with two private clinics that made available an operating room and the nursing team and where the ASL / To4 surgeons can operate.

The issue is complex and the management is open to discussions with the union. The number of surgeries to be recovered (May data) were about 10 thousand. The goal – as has already been said on several occasions – is to return to the levels of 2019, when the pandemic and its effects were not even remotely imaginable. Two and a half years of extreme effort, however, have left the signal on public health. A number? Compared to 2019, in Asl / To4 there are 80 fewer doctors and the efforts (and resources) that the management puts in place to recruit them risk no longer being news.

Having said this, the ASL / To4 has undertaken with the trade union to shortly present a detailed plan on all the actions for the recovery of the waiting lists. The Region has put on the plate For the ASL / To4, just over 4 million and 300 thousand euros. Of this figure, one million and 800 thousand euros are for surgical interventions. The assignment of surgical interventions to private clinics, due to expenditure percentage constraints, concerns a minimum quota, potentially just 370 interventions on paper.

The bulk to be disposed of remains with the health company. And it is a challenge that has been passing from one direction to another for years. The dg Scarpetta explained to the union that half of the sum made available by the Region has been committed to attack the problem and that there is maximum availability to increase the activity within the structures and to use the entire amount available. Easy to say, a little less to do. “The national legislation provides that the remuneration of services is on a voluntary basis – observes Giuseppe Summa, Nursind – therefore the results obtained are strictly linked to the participation of medical staff, who are 80 less than in 2019”.

Summa underlines, however, that the union is willing to get involved: “We asked to evaluate the internal spaces and to want to collect through an internal notice the adhesions to the various professionals involved”. In summary, having started the recovery plan in late spring, it was not so easy to find availability from the staff already tried for two and a half complicated years and close to the holidays. Now, some more availability could arrive. “The problem of waiting lists is not from today – underlines Ermes Zerbinati, Cisl public function – but it is clear that to be able to do more in some services it is necessary to strengthen them first, otherwise it will be difficult to be able to have great availability for additional shifts in how much work is already being done at full capacity and beyond. The same company pointed out that, on average, yes thereworks at least ten percent more than in 2019 ». CISL also underlined a more confederal aspect of the question: “We asked for a study of the population’s health needs to be updated, in order to be able to plan better”.

The management said that a study of the Region is in the pipeline and carried out by a specialized company which, starting from an analysis of the health needs of the whole territory, of health supply sources, of mobility and of any other population parameter and health services, will define the proposals for enhancing the individual facilities. Serse Negro, Uil public function, underlines the interlocutory nature of the dialogue: “We take note of the commitment and we are ready to discuss in the face of a detailed plan”.

A more strictly trade union issue is the opening to an increase in incentives for the recovery of waiting lists for health and social workers. Next meeting shortly.

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