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Walking to the Grassroots in the New Year, Dialogue with City Guardians | Yan Baiqing: 30 years of “embroidering work”, growing together with the city_Southern Net

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Walking to the Grassroots in the New Year, Dialogue with City Guardians | Yan Baiqing: 30 years of “embroidering work”, growing together with the city_Southern Net

  Editor’s note:Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new year, thousands of families celebrate reunion with lights. It’s another new year, and there are always some workers who take “Gang” as their home. They shuttle around the streets and alleys, carefully decorating the city, and caring for the harmony of thousands of families. Guangzhou urban management teamed up with Nanfang.com and Yuexue.com to launch a special report on “New Year’s walk to the grassroots and dialogue with urban caregivers”, recording the work of front-line urban management personnel and telling their heart-warming stories of sticking to their posts.

  “If you have money or not, go home for the New Year”, this is the common aspiration of the majority of migrant workers who leave home.2009Over the years, Yan Baiqing has10Did not go back to my hometown for many Spring FestivalsfamilyReunited, he said, after so many years of working, his family has long been used to not being able to go home for the New YearBut do your bestProtect the “face value” of the city,The family is also proud of him.

  Difficult things in the world must be done in an easy way, and great things in the world must be done in detail.Working in urban management30Year,56The year-old Yan Baiqing still deeply feels that “the job is the stage, and love can make a difference”. From a small town in western Hunan to Guangzhou to pursue his dream, he never imagined that he could become a national model worker from a garbage collector.open this again30The story of his years of time is the figure of his conscientious struggle in his post, and the hard work and sweat he swayed in the streets and alleys of Guangzhou. As a “veteran” of urban management, he used his years to practice his original intention, fulfilled his mission with loyalty, set an example and set an example for generations of urban management people, and will surely be passed on and continued by the urban management youth.

  Even a small position can make a big name

  26At the age of 18, Yan Baiqing, who already had a wife and children, resolutely decided to leave his hometown in the small town of Xiangxi. It’s gone…” Not long after the first lunar month, he took the luggage alone, got on the train going south, and started a new life amidst the bumps.

  The first job I came to Guangzhou was as a garbage collector in Huangpu District. “I was born as a farmer. I didn’t want to make a fortune. I just wanted to improve my life with my own diligence. When I first came to Guangzhou, I happened to catch up with Huangpu District. The Environmental Sanitation Bureau recruited garbage collectors, so I went to apply for the job.” Yan Baiqing told the reporter that at that time, the environmental sanitation work was dirty and tiring, dealing with garbage dumps everywhere, and the hot flashes in Guangzhou made the garbage even more stinky. The tools are relatively backward, almost relying on manual work, and every day20Tons of rubbish were loaded onto the truck one by one, nearly100The garbage collection and transportation points run one by one, and the journey in a day is more than200Kilometers are really physical work.But I didn’t expect that in an ordinary front-line urban management post, he would be nearly30Years, but also made a big name.

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  “This job is really hard to do! Recalling the daily routine of garbage collection, Yan Baiqing breathed a sigh of relief. Every detail of his past work seemed to be vivid in his memory. Once he and his co-workers were collecting garbage, a young man threw a large bag of garbage from the balcony on the fourth floor to the truck However, he did not get angry. While cleaning up the garbage, he patiently told the other party that “the garbage should be put in the collection point or the trash can downstairs.” Since then, local residents have gradually developed good living habits, and littering rarely occurs.  

  It doesn’t matter if the work is dirty or tiring, but I still feel a little sad when I hear someone call him a “garbage guy” from time to time. However, Yan Baiqing, who has always been optimistic, did not neglect his work because of this. In his words, “Since the society needs sanitation workers, we will try our best to do it well and make it look good. If everyone thinks it is dirty, you don’t do it.” , If I quit, what will our city look like?”

  For so many years, Yan Baiqing has always firmly believed that the post is the stage, and love can make a difference. With practical actions, he has practiced the urban management spirit of “doing what he does, loving what he does and doing what he does best”. He won the titles of “Excellent Urban Beautician” in the city and “Excellent Sanitation Worker” in Guangdong Province. He also won the “May 1st” Model Worker Award of Huangpu District Urban Construction System, Guangzhou Model Worker, National “May 1st” Labor Medal, National Model Worker and other honors.

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  30Persevere without regrets and grow together with the city

  From a front-line sanitation worker to a management position, Yan Baiqing has successively engaged in garbage collection and transportation, sanitation cleaning, excrement removal, car washing, etc. Now he is the deputy leader of the quality and safety team of the Huangpu District Sanitation and Beautification Service Center, responsible for supervising and managing front-line cleaning operations quality and worker safety.

  Over the years, as a “veteran” of urban management, he has devoted himself to the work of urban management and worked hard.30During the journey of the year, he walked out one by one heavy footprints. He went to the morning sun, wore the stars and wore the moon, and grew up with Guangzhou. At the same time, he also witnessed the beautiful changes of the city’s environment, the city’s appearance is changing with each passing day, and the citizens’ sense of happiness is constantly increasing.

  2007In 2011, Guangzhou was established as a national sanitation city. Yan Baiqing went out early and returned late with his workers every day, and completed the garbage collection, transportation and cleaning work in time to ensure that the garbage was cleared every day;2010In the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, there were some competition venues in Huangpu District, and the cleaning tasks were heavy. He was responsible for the collection and transportation of vehicles during the day, and worked overtime at night to be responsible for the cleaning work around the gymnasium. He completed the environmental sanitation and cleaning guarantee tasks for the Asian Games with high standards;2011Guangzhou City established a civilized city in 2011, which put forward higher requirements and standards for sanitation and cleaning work. Considering his rich experience, he was arranged in the mobile team. The pressure was high and the assault was strong, but he still successfully completed every task…

  “Working with Brother Baiqing, we are very down-to-earth, and we can learn a lot of new things, and we are very motivated”, but all the workers who team up with him give him a thumbs up. Although he is over five years old In the past ten days, Yan Baiqing has always set high standards and strict requirements on himself, constantly learning new skills, and also obtained the professional qualification for operating modern machinery and equipment in the fleet, making solid progress in exploring intelligent sanitation work.

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  30Over the years, Guangzhou has already become Yan Baiqing’s second hometown. As one of the caretakers of this city, the years have left traces of struggle on his face, but in exchange for the improvement of the city’s appearance, Yan Baiqing feels sincerely about this joy and pride.

  “The happiness and satisfaction of the masses is the starting point and end point of all work. “In Yan Baiqing’s view, he is an “embroiderer” of urban management. For thirty years, he has treated the city as embroidery, stitch by stitch, and continued to beautify Yangcheng with care, patience, meticulousness and the original intention of serving the people. , the urban environment is constantly improving, and the quality of life of citizens is gradually improving.

  See the original heart in the ordinary, little things warm the hearts of the people

“In 2017, as a party representative, I attended the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.” Yan Baiqing was very proud. He told reporters that as a grassroots party member, he must serve the people bit by bit, not only in the daily work of environmental sanitation, but also with colleagues and friends, and do something practical for everyone within the scope of his ability .

  Take responsibility and love, cultivate virtue and build ability. Yan Baiqing explained the mission and responsibility of an urban management officer with his words and deeds.2020At the beginning of the year, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic struck, the Environmental Beautification Service Center of Huangpu District established an emergency commando for epidemic prevention and control. Yan Baiqing immediately asked to be responsible for the collection and transportation of medical waste in hospitals involved in the epidemic in Huangpu District. Responsibility for the people, and action for the people.

  Whether it is “Brother Baiqing”, “urban management person”, or “veteran party member”, every identity is a portrayal of his loyalty to the party, serving the people and working hard at his post. “Ordinary is extraordinary because of persistence, and greatness is due to perseverance. Sanitation work is a service industry. We must start from service attitude and service quality, improve work efficiency, pursue work effects, serve the people, society and the country well, and give the general public a clean environment. , clean and comfortable living environment, and provide a beautiful entrepreneurial environment for friends who are in charge.” Yan Baiqing said this, and he practiced it even more.

Planner: Peng Zhiqiang

Reporter: Tang Qiaoyan

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