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Walk!Take the high-speed rail to ski

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Original title: Go!Take the high-speed rail to ski

The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway ushered in the first ski season after the Winter Olympics. At 8:05 a.m. on the 25th, train D6711 departed from Beijing North Railway Station to Chongli.Photo by our reporter An Xudong

Since the Beijing Winter Olympics was successfully held, ice and snow sports have become more and more popular. During the Spring Festival this year, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway ushered in the first ski season after the Winter Olympics. A large number of ski enthusiasts chose to take this “ski train” to start their “ice and snow journey”.

At 7:50 am on the 25th, the waiting hall of Beijing North Railway Station was crowded with people. In front of the counter of the ski consignment center in the southeast corner of the waiting hall, Mr. Hu from Guangdong is going through the consignment procedures. Registration of personal information, issuance of consignment bills… In less than two minutes, the formalities were completed. “It’s very fast and convenient.” Mr. Hu told the reporter that he usually works in Beijing. After returning to his hometown to reunite with his family during the Spring Festival, he rushed back on the third day of the Lunar New Year. “Mr. Hu’s destination is Fulong Ski Resort in Chongli. It takes two or three hours to drive there, but it only takes more than an hour to take the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway. Convenient!”

At 8:05, the D6711 train from Beijing North Railway Station to Prince City and Chongli departed on time, carrying 604 passengers to Zhangjiakou and Chongli for vacation. Resident Mr. Xu and his wife are both ski enthusiasts. They also brought their 4-year-old daughter with them when they traveled to Prince City. “I want my children to experience the fun of skiing and cultivate their hobbies.” Ms. Lin made a special trip to Chongli with her parents and children. “My child has been skating for several years. Although my parents are old, I also want to feel the atmosphere.”

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According to statistics, from January 1 to January 24 this year, 31,400 passengers took the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway to Prince City and Chongli.

Cao Zhe, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Beijing North Workshop of Beijing North Railway Station, introduced that during the Spring Festival travel season, Beijing North Railway Station will implement the peak line operation map for the first quarter of 2023. There will be 4 pairs of trains running from Beijing North Railway Station (Qinghe Station) to Chongli every day, with a capacity of 0.24 10,000 people, and the capacity can reach 4,800 people when the trains are reconnected. “Since New Year’s Day, the number of passengers going to Chongli and Prince City has increased significantly. Especially since the Spring Festival, the number of people on the train can reach full capacity every day.” Cao Zhe said that in order to meet the travel needs of the majority of passengers, the station will A day’s ticket pre-sale situation and passenger flow changes, timely report and adjust the train operation plan, increase the transport capacity by running multiple trains and other methods, and ensure the smooth travel of passengers.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of ski enthusiasts and reduce the travel burden of passengers, the railway department has specially launched a ski transportation service. Passengers can make an appointment through the 12306, 95572 customer service calls, or go to the station that handles the ski transportation business. The waiting room of Beijing North Railway Station has set up a special area to handle ski equipment transportation-related business. In order to facilitate passengers to quickly find the ski equipment consignment service desk, there are special personnel to guide passengers carrying skis, and combined with the travel needs of passengers in previous years and related suggestions, reasonable optimization Streamlined mailing and pick-up to minimize the processing time for passenger business. According to the staff of the railway department, the sum of the length, width and height does not exceed 1.3 meters can be carried with you, and can be placed in the large luggage place, or on the floor of the luggage rack or the last row of seats after getting on the train.

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In addition, Beijing North Railway Station has also launched a convenience service car, which is equipped with warm water, paper cups, disposable masks, bandages, “heal fast”, adhesive tape (to solve the problem of cracking passenger cartons) and other service spare parts, so that passengers can wait for the train. Feel the warmth of home.

“The train is also equipped with a special service box, which contains hand warmers, earplugs, eye masks, etc. We also specially prepared brown sugar ginger tea for ski lovers to keep everyone warm.” Dong Jin, train leader of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway team Say.

At 9:46 in the morning, train D6711 stopped at Prince City Station on time, and the passengers who had already been waiting at the door came out one after another. The staff of the railway department are also busy loading and unloading the ski equipment that needs to “get off” at this station. “Is the ski equipment picked up here?” “Where do you go to get the ski equipment?” From time to time, passengers on the platform heard questions, and the staff patiently answered them one by one: “After you leave the station, go to the ski equipment consignment center. Pick.”

“In view of this situation, we must first ensure that the loading and unloading of ski equipment will not affect the departure of the train and the safety of passengers getting on and off the train, and at the same time strengthen the guidance work.” Liu Xueping, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Taizicheng Station of the Zhangjiakou Railway Section, introduced that the station and Taiwu Snow resorts such as Snow Mountain, Yunding, and Wanlong have established a communication mechanism to pay close attention to changes in passenger flow, implement one map per day, dynamically adjust the train order or reconnection, increase transport capacity in a timely manner, ensure the travel needs of ski tourists, and start trains in a timely manner 1. Notify the change of formation to the snow resort and the transportation department of Chongli District, and work together to do a good job in traffic connection to ensure that the shuttle bus will be sent to the ski resort as soon as the tourists get off the bus, saving travel time.

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(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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