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Wall Street Looks to Cisco Amid Market Shifts From Investing.com

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Wall Street Looks to Cisco Amid Market Shifts From Investing.com

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In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications and networking, Cisco Systems Inc. (:NASDAQ:) is a key player, capable of meeting market fluctuations and competitive challenges. As the company adapts to changing demand patterns and integrates major acquisitions, analysts offer mixed outlooks for its future performance.

Financial performance and forecasts

Analysts reviewed Cisco’s financial results, noting that year-ago fourth-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $1.11 on revenue of $14.7 billion beat estimates. However, forecasts for the second quarter of 2004 and full fiscal year 2024 paint a less rosy picture, with revenue and EPS falling short of previous expectations. The company’s guidance calls for EPS of $3.87-3.93 on revenue of $53.8-55 billion for FY24, leading analysts to adjust their estimates accordingly.

Competitive landscape and market trends

Cisco’s market position is challenged by rivals such as Arista Networks, Extreme Networks and Cambium Networks. These competitors are vying for leadership in key growth areas such as AI Ethernet networks and wireless networks. The company’s strategies to maintain its market share include a focus on AI networking projects, with more than $1 billion in sight for fiscal year 25, and significant forays into the AI ​​networking webscaler market. Analysts also highlight Cisco’s strong performance in the observability technology segment and the SMB sector.

Regulatory contexts and customer base

The regulatory landscape for Cisco and its competitors remains complex, with considerations ranging from international trade policies to cybersecurity regulations. Cisco’s diverse customer base, which includes large enterprises, service providers and government agencies, is considered a strength, but it exposes the company to industry-specific risks and demand fluctuations.

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Management and strategy

Cisco management is having a tough time, with a strategic emphasis on moving to high-margin software and improving pricing to maintain profitability. The company’s operational discipline is evidenced by record gross margins (GM) of 67.1% and operating margins of 36.6%. However, analysts expect gross margins to decline as revenues slow.

Potential impact of external factors

External factors, such as macroeconomic conditions and IT spending trends, are critical to Cisco’s performance. While public sector orders showed some resistance, the corporate and service provider sectors saw declines. The company is also grappling with excess inventory among customers, which is expected to normalize within 1-2 quarters.

Upcoming product launches

In the summaries provided, Cisco did not detail specific upcoming product launches. However, the company’s push into AI networking and the integration of Splunk Inc. following its acquisition suggest that new offerings in the areas of security, AI and observability are likely on the horizon.

Stock performance

Cisco stock has been subject to volatility, dropping 11% following its F1Q24 results. The stock’s valuation is considered fair at around 12x CY24E EPS, at a discount to peers due to the lower growth rate.

Analysts’ perspectives and motivations

Analysts offer a spectrum of opinions on Cisco’s prospects. Some maintain a positive outlook based on the company’s cloud backlog and ramps, expecting the January quarter to be supported by these factors, despite the challenging enterprise networking market in CY24. Others lowered their ratings due to concerns about declining campus sales, competitive pressures and the financial implications of the Splunk acquisition.

The Bear case

Is Cisco’s market position at risk?

Analysts express concerns about Cisco’s ability to maintain its market share in the face of stiff competition and a potential macroeconomic slowdown. The significant reduction in the company’s forward guidance signals potential challenges ahead, with a sharp decline in orders suggesting weakening demand for Cisco products. The Splunk acquisition, while potentially beneficial, also raises questions about integration risks and the impact on Cisco’s financial flexibility.

Can Cisco overcome the current industry downturn?

The networking industry appears to be going through a down cycle, which could have a negative impact on Cisco and its competitors. With the third reduction in annual guidance and concerns about continued business slowdown, there is skepticism about the company’s ability to achieve a rebound in the second half of the fiscal year. The acquisition of Splunk adds another layer of complexity to this scenario, as Cisco must balance the dynamics of its core business with the integration of new capabilities.

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The Toro case

What are Cisco’s growth prospects after acquiring Splunk?

Analysts view the Splunk acquisition as a strategic move that could significantly expand Cisco’s software revenue and align the company with secular trends that favor its solution sets. The acquisition is expected to add approximately 6 percent of recurring software revenue to Cisco’s top-line estimate for fiscal 2005. Despite integration risks, the deal is viewed as positive for Cisco’s long-term positioning .

Can Cisco’s Financial Discipline Drive Future Success?

Despite downward forecast revisions, Cisco’s financial discipline and operational efficiency are considered key strengths. The company’s record gross and operating margins reflect its successful move to high-margin software and improved pricing. Analysts believe Cisco’s backlog and cloud expansion will support revenue and earnings per share in the near term, with upside potential.

SWOT analysis


– Strong presence on the telecommunications and network equipment market.

– Significant cloud portfolio and ramps to support near-term revenue.

– Record gross and operating margins thanks to high-margin software and improved pricing.

– Strategic acquisition of Splunk to increase software revenue.

Points of weakness:

– Downward revision of revenue and EPS forecasts.

– Increased competition and potential loss of market share.

– Integration risks associated with the Splunk acquisition.

– Excess inventory and normalization problems.


– Growth in the technology segments of AI networks and observability.

– Expanding software and recurring revenue models.

– Potential stabilization of service provider markets.


– Macroeconomic downturn impacts IT spending.

Business slowdown and high inventory risks in the channel.

– Competitive pressures from competitors in key growth markets.

Analyst objectives

– Evercore ISI (November 16, 2023): Outperform rating with a $55 price target.

– Deutsche Bank (ETR:) (November 16, 2023): Rating Hold with a price target of $54.

– Barclays (LON:) (16 November 2023): Equal Weight Rating with $46 price target.

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This analysis runs from September to November 2023.

Insights from InvestingPro

As investors and analysts evaluate Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO)’s strategic moves and financial discipline, the latest data from InvestingPro provides further context to the company’s current situation. With a market capitalization of $196.59 billion and a P/E ratio of 14.49, Cisco appears to be trading at a reasonable valuation, particularly when you consider its trailing-twelve-month adjusted P/E ratio at starting from the 1st quarter of 2024, which stands at 13.8. Added to this is a PEG ratio for the same period of 0.74, indicating growth potential at fair value.

InvestingPro recommendations highlight that Cisco has a perfect Piotroski Score of 9, suggesting strong financial health, and its high earnings quality is highlighted by free cash flow exceeding net income. Furthermore, the company has seen accelerating revenue growth, with an increase of 10.99% over the trailing twelve months as of Q1 2024. This is a key metric that can reassure investors about Cisco’s ability to expand its top-line in a competitive market.

Additionally, Cisco’s financial stability is underlined by the fact that the company has more cash than debt on its balance sheet and has increased its dividend for 13 consecutive years, a testament to its commitment to shareholders. For investors looking for stability and potential upside, Cisco stock also features low price volatility and is currently near 52-week lows, which could make for an attractive entry point.

For those who want a complete analysis and further insights, InvestingPro offers 18 more InvestingPro recommendations for Cisco, available at To take advantage of these insights, remember that your InvestingPro subscription is on special sale for Cyber ​​Monday with a discount of up to at 60%. Additionally, using the coupon code research23 you can get an additional 10% off a 2-year subscription to InvestingPro+, an exclusive offer to improve your investment strategy.

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