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Walls of Cison and S. Marco di Resana two villages become a nativity scene

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The entrance to the nativity scene exhibition in Mura di Cison (Photo Sebastiano Mescolotto)

The exhibitions in the two centers of the province of Treviso can be visited since yesterday. In Mura di Cison, 70 families and 100 nativity scenes. In San Marco di Resana there are 95 handcrafted nativities on display

CISON. Walls, like a village in Bethlehem. Not even 70 resident families, with about 70 inhabitants, but 100 cribs. One for each person, child or grandfather. And 500 visitors a day, up to Epiphany. Mura, however, is not a unique case in the Marca: Resana is almost a virtuous copy: since yesterday 95 nativities have been exhibited in San Marco, the result of the creativity of artisans, artists and crib masters, who use ever different and disparate materials, from wood, iron, fabric and rock. A tradition, that of the Nativity, which runs through the whole of the Marca.

One of the handcrafted nativity scenes

Yesterday the inaugurations, in Mura and Resana, but also in Mosnigo and in other countries. In every corner of Mura, among the narrow alleys, the stone houses, the small courtyards and the capitals of the characteristic village of Mura, you will come across the most surprising works. 800 meters of path and, every 8 meters, here is a nativity scene, which strikes you for its originality. The itinerary is introduced by a gentleman, with a red mask, who plays the organ by hand. The first greeting is given to you by a large wooden pinocchio, made by a local Geppetto master. You slip under a portico, at the entrance to via Marco Polo, and two angels who look out from a door welcome you.

Walls of Cison and San Marco, the metamorphosis of the two countries that are transformed into a nativity scene

A balcony collects the first Baby Jesus. In an open-air corner, the imagination of an author has made the figurines with terracotta vases for flowers; behind the Christmas trees pulled up in a spiral with dry branches. Under a characteristic wooden gallery, two mannequins have been transformed into the Madonna and St. Joseph, who with tender lightness take care of the child swinging in a wicker cradle. Some have chosen a tub to house a painting of the Child with Mary and Joseph.

Visitors to Walls of Cison (Photo Sebastiano Mescolotto)

Behind them, the clothes hung out to dry. Do you remember silkworms? They were also bred in these parts .. And here in a portico the photographic exhibition of this activity, but on the ground there is the nativity scene, obtained with the ‘gaete’, as the cocoons were called in dialect. An outdoor nativity scene defies the weather, illuminated by a very old street lamp. In the middle of the meadow another nativity, “alla peasant”, with a wheelbarrow full of flowers and a barrel holding candles, behind two stylized fir trees. “This performance began again 17 years, thanks to the passion of two boys, who later ‘gave up’. The Mura Association continued, we are at the 17th edition, more than 10 thousand visitors every Christmas, influenced by the characteristic beauty of the village “. Those who yesterday intended to dedicate the last Sunday of Advent to the cribs, after the visit to Mura, went to see the exhibition in “France” (via Conti) in Mosnigo, where they also met the bagpiper, then crossed the Piave and he took off in Resana. Meeting in piazza Albertini and transfer accompanied by the bagpiper. The exhibition remains open until January 30th. Until 9 January observes the following times: holidays 10-20.30, weekdays 14.30-20.30. Free admission. Organize the Cis association. As many as 65 exhibitors who with and their actualizations of what happened in Bethlehem 2021 Christmas ago animate the former kindergarten of San Marco. The contexts that are the background to the nativity – explain the numerous volunteers – are the most varied, from our Venetian countryside to the beaches and dunes of the desert and mountain villages, meaning that Jesus is reborn in every corner of the world to bring his message of salvation and peace. The tradition began thanks to Alfonso Pozzobon, crib master.

The exhibition, open from today 19 December 2021 to 30 January 2022, at the former San Marco kindergarten “Monument to the fallen”, can be visited on holidays and days before holidays and also on weekdays by booking by phone at 3498912843. It was inaugurated yesterday evening, at 20, with a concert by the San Marco di Camposampiero choir.

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