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Wang Qishan: China’s development cannot be separated from the world and the world cannot be separated from China | Morning Post

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Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said in a video speech at the Bloomberg Innovation Economic Forum held in Singapore today (17th) that China cannot do without the world, and the world cannot do without China. China’s determination to deepen reform and expand opening up will not Change.

According to Bloomberg News, Wang Qishan said in his video speech that China and the world must work together to promote global economic growth. He also said that China will continue to open up to foreign investment as more countries raise barriers on the grounds of national security concerns.

Wang Qishan said that looking forward to the future, China will continue to open its arms to provide the world with more market opportunities, investment opportunities, and growth opportunities, and contribute to building the world economy and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Chinese President Xi Jinping held a historic video meeting with US President Biden yesterday. The content of the meeting covered almost all the hot topics of China and the United States, but only reiterated their consistent position and did not make a breakthrough on the points of difference.

Wang Qishan said today on Sino-US relations that Sino-US relations affect the future of the world. Both sides should act in accordance with the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, continue to focus on cooperation and manage differences.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Wang Huiyao, founder of the China and Globalization Research Center, said that although there is obvious competition between China and the United States, China hopes that there will be healthy competition between the two countries.

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He added that the friendly meeting between Xi Jinping and Biden sent a “strong signal that the two largest economies must cooperate.”

According to reports, Wang Qishan’s speech also included the need to dispense vaccines in a fair and reasonable way around the world, countries should maintain a stable and smooth supply chain, leaders of all countries need to share development results, and pursue a comprehensive economic transition to low carbon.


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