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Wang Qishan Rarely Appears to Discuss Xixi Meeting and Reform and Opening-up | Xi Jinping | NTD Chinese TV Online

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[NTD News November 17, 2021, Beijing time]The Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of China Wang Qishan, who has been keeping a low profile, made a rare appearance on the 17th. He delivered a video speech at the Bloomberg Innovation Economic Forum that day to talk about the “Visiting Conference” and reform and opening up.

Wang Qishan rarely appeared at the Economic Forum

The 4th Bloomberg Innovation Economy Forum was held in Singapore from November 16th to 19th. Wang Qishan gave a video speech at the forum on the 17th. He talked about the just-concluded “Visiting Meeting”.

US President Biden held the first video summit on Xi Jinping on the 16th. The content of the meeting covered almost all the hot topics of China and the United States. However, the two sides only reiterated their consistent positions and did not make a breakthrough on the points of difference.

Bloomberg reported that Wang Qishan said in his speech that Sino-US relations affect the future of the world. The two sides should act in accordance with the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, continue to focus on cooperation and manage differences.

He also mentioned reform and opening up, saying that the CCP’s determination to deepen reform and expand opening up will not change. However, Wang Qishan’s remarks are considered to endorse Xi Jinping.

The day before Wang Qishan’s speech, the Chinese Communist Party announced its third historical resolution on the 16th. Many commentators believe that this historical resolution introduced by Xi Jinping is the end of reform and opening up.

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Current affairs commentator Chen Pokong wrote on Radio Free Asia that although this historical resolution mentioned reform and opening up, it was mentioned in a retrospective manner, but it was deliberately omitted when entering the summary and forward-looking. It seems that it did not negate the previous leader, but it actually negated Deng Xiaoping and negated reform and opening up.

Chen Pokong believes that by passing this resolution, Xi Jinping declared: the end of reform and opening up! Reform and opening up are coming to an end.

Expert: Wang Qishan loses sincerity to Xi Jinping

Wang Qishan’s rare appearance this time also attracted public opinion. Wang Qishan, who served as the anti-corruption czar, won many Jiang faction officials for Xi Jinping, but there are many recent signs that Wang Qishan may be in a bad situation.

Last year, Wang Qishan’s housekeeper, Dong Hong, was investigated; afterwards, his good friend Ren Zhiqiang, a real estate tycoon, was sentenced; recently, Chen Feng, the chairman of HNA Group, was also arrested. The construction bank’s loan to HNA has become one of the key points of the authorities’ review, and the construction bank is where Wang Qishan’s official career originated.

The Wall Street Journal reported on October 11 that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was investigating 25 Chinese financial institutions and named the financial industry as Wang Qishan’s power domain. During his tenure as the anti-corruption czar, Wang largely avoided the financial industry. survey.

Wu Guoguang, a professor in the Department of Politics and History at the University of Victoria in Canada, believes that “the two joints of Dong Hong and HNA being investigated should directly pose a threat to Wang Qishan.”

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Wu Guoguang was once a member of Zhao Ziyang’s think tank, and he accepted an exclusive interview with the Voice of America on October 18. He said that now there is public opinion saying that Wang Qishan has long since shown Xi Jinping, “I am President Xi’s reporter.”

At the Boao Forum for Asia held on April 20 this year, Wang Qishan claimed to be the “temporary host, I am just making an announcement for our President Xi Jinping’s speech.”

Wu Guoguang believes that this loss of honesty just shows that Wang Qishan feels that he is insecure and is politically suspicious.

He said that it is currently impossible to determine how Xi Jinping will make a decision in the end, but Xi’s suspicion of the king and Xi’s digging of walls against the king’s subordinates have already begun. “Because many of Wang’s people are still a bit rebellious, including those voices like Ren Zhiqiang.”

Wu Guoguang believes that the fate of Wang Qishan depends on the degree of interaction between him and Xi Jinping. “I think this interaction is also an important factor in deciding whether to check the king in the end.”

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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