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Wang Shuguang visits and condolences to retired veteran cadres_Hulunbuir News-Hulunbuir Daily

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release time:2022-01-28 09:34:09

On January 25, Wang Shuguang, chairman of the CPPCC, visited and expressed condolences to the retired veteran cadres of our city department, and extended New Year wishes and holiday greetings to them.

Wang Shuguang and his party visited Zhao Shangen, the former chairman of the CPPCC, and Bao Xi, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC, to visit and offer condolences. “New Year’s Eve, I came to see you on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and wish you a happy New Year and good health!” Everywhere he went, Wang Shuguang talked cordially with the veteran cadres and asked them about their health and living conditions. , send them New Year’s blessings, talk with them about the future development, and sincerely thank the veteran cadres for their important contributions to the economic and social development of our city.

Wang Shuguang said that in the past year, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the entire CPPCC system has thoroughly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the Party Committee and the CPPCC of the Autonomous Region, and fully implemented the requirements of the Work Outline of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference. . The just-concluded fifth session of the 12th CPPCC Autonomous Region has put forward new hopes and higher requirements for the work of the CPPCC this year. In the new year, the whole CPPCC system will continue to play the role of a special consultative body, closely integrating the key tasks of Hulunbuir’s economic and social development, focusing on the development orientation of “ecological priority, green development, and building a more beautiful, rich, harmonious and peaceful Hulunbuir” and “two districts and three places”. The development goal of “One Home”, identify the focus and entry point of the performance of duties, and more actively plan and promote the consultation and discussion of government in the overall situation of Hulunbuir, so as to contribute to the high-quality development of our city.

Wang Shuguang said that the development of Hulunbuir’s various undertakings is inseparable from the hard work of the whole CPPCC system, and even more inseparable from the care and support of veteran cadres. It is hoped that the veteran cadres will continue to give full play to their residual energy, give more valuable opinions on the city’s work, continue to care and support the development of Hulunbuir, and promote the city’s work to a new level. (Reporter: Tie Ying / text, pictures)

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