Home News Wang Yi: “Taiwan Independence” is a very destructive gray rhino that must be resolutely stopped | Morning Post

Wang Yi: “Taiwan Independence” is a very destructive gray rhino that must be resolutely stopped | Morning Post

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Wang Yi: “Taiwan Independence” is a very destructive gray rhino that must be resolutely stopped | Morning Post

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that “Taiwan independence” is a “grey rhinoceros” with strong destructive power and must be resolutely stopped.

According to a press release on the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, who is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, said in a speech at the Asia Society’s New York headquarters on Thursday (September 22), “‘Taiwan independence’ is like a destructive force. The grey rhino is rushing towards us and must be stopped resolutely.”

“Gray rhino” usually refers to a potential event with a high probability of occurrence, but it can be predicted in advance, and once it occurs, the negative impact is also great. The important feature is that it can be seen rushing at a certain speed, but not so fast, and there is a certain amount of time to prepare before being hit.

Chinese officials have used the term “grey rhino” several times in the past to refer to highly likely, high-impact but overlooked financial risks, including shadow banking, real estate bubbles and local government debt.

Wang Yi said that although the cross-strait systems are different, this is by no means an obstacle to reunification, nor an excuse for division. China has always pursued peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and efforts, but will never tolerate any activities aimed at splitting the country. China reserves the option to take all necessary measures against the violation of the Anti-Secession Law, not against Taiwan compatriots. Stopping the split of “Taiwan independence”, defending territorial integrity and maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait are sacred rights exercised by China in accordance with domestic and international laws.

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He said that the United States has recently mentioned the “status quo in the Taiwan Strait” and even accused China of “changing the status quo”. This is the exact opposite of the truth. Frankly speaking, it is precisely because of the interference and connivance of the United States that the “Taiwan independence” forces have grown and spread on the island, constantly changing the fundamental status quo that the mainland and Taiwan belong together, and thus posing the greatest threat to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

Wang Yi pointed out that despite China‘s strong opposition, the United States insisted on allowing the Speaker of the House of Representatives to visit Taiwan again after 25 years. Repeated official exchanges, continuous improvement of substantive relations, and repeated sales of weapons to Taiwan, even including many offensive weapons. Recently, the “Taiwan Policy Act” is being reviewed, in an attempt to fundamentally shake the foundation of Sino-US relations formed by the three Sino-US joint communiques. Under such circumstances, how to honor the important statement of not supporting “Taiwan independence”?

In his speech, Wang Yi also accused the United States of insisting on imposing high tariffs on about US$360 billion (about S$511.1 billion) of Chinese goods exported to the United States, deliberately amplifying the ideological confrontation between China and the United States, and pointing the finger at China‘s political system and development path. and the ruling party, and tried to contain China by “shaping the surrounding strategic environment.” It also coerced countries to choose sides and weave various “small circles” that excluded China, deviating the Sino-US relationship from the right track.

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