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Waqarabad District: Question papers were leaked to students for the purpose of copying, both teachers were arrested in Tandoor, suspended from service.

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Waqarabad District: Question papers were leaked to students for the purpose of copying, both teachers were arrested in Tandoor, suspended from service.

The question paper was disclosed to the students only for the purpose of copying
Both teachers arrested in Tandoor, sent to judicial custody, Xerox center owner absconding
Both teachers suspended from service, Telangana Education Department announced

Waqarabad/Tandoor: 04/April
(Sahar News.com/Special Representative)

Yesterday in the state of Telangana April 3 With the commencement of the 10th standard annual examinations, the Telugu question paper from the examination center established at the Government Number One High School in Shahipur area of ​​Tandoor, Waqarabad district, went viral on WhatsApp just seven minutes after the commencement of the examination. This incident created a sensation in the state and Waqarabad district.

Late this evening, the state education department has announced that the two teachers involved in the disclosure of the question papers have been arrested and terminated from service.

Police investigation yesterday revealed that Samborbandayana, a teacher of the same school from this examination centre At 9-30 Immediately after the start of the morning exam 37-9 at In the morning, he took photos of this question paper of Telugu from his mobile phone and posted it on WhatsApp. From where this question paper went viral. Immediately after this information, Tehsildar Tandoor Chana Appala Naidu, MEO Venkatiya Gow, Circle Inspector Police Tandoor. (Urban) Rajendra Reddy and the investigating officer immediately reached school number one.

In this case, the police and the officials interrogated the Bandaya teacher for three hours in the school, later confiscated the mobile phone and took the Bandaya teacher to the police station.

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Later yesterday evening District Collector Waqarabad Narayan Reddy while addressing a press conference with Additional Collector Rahul Sharma, ASPPV Muralidhar and DEO Renuka Devi at the office of the Collector at Waqarabad said that in Government No.1 School of Tandoor. The Telugu exam paper was leaked from the phone of the teacher Bandaya, who was serving during the 10th exams. He took the question papers of two absent students and posted them on WhatsApp after the exam started.

Yesterday, the district collector said that after preliminary investigation, four teachers, Samappa, Gopal and Shivakumar, who were involved in defaming the officials of the government departments in addition to the sacred profession like this teacher, have been suspended from service. Investigations are being carried out to remove Srinivas from enumeration duty. The District Collector had said that a criminal case has been registered against teacher Bandaya and Samappa.

In this regard, Circle Inspector Police Tandoor (Urban) Rajendra Reddy has told the media that during the investigation, it has been revealed that yesterday’s question paper of Telugu was revealed only to make the students successful through transcription.

Explaining the details of this incident, Circle Inspector Police Rajendra Reddy said that S. Bandaya, a teacher working in this examination center, took pictures of four pages of the question paper with his mobile phone camera and served at Z PTC School in Mauza Chengol. The performer is revealed to have sent a fellow teacher, Samapa, via WhatsApp and the two are friends.

Circle Inspector Police Tandoor (Urban) Rajendra Reddy said that since teacher Samappa was not given examination duty, both he and Bandaya teacher gave these question papers to the students they knew to get the question papers for copying. was planned. In this way, the teacher present on examination duty has given the class number of the examination center۔5 Take pictures of the question papers of two absent students and send them to Samapa teacher. In the same haste, this question paper was also posted in a WhatsApp group and this question paper became viral on WhatsApp.

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As soon as the question papers were received, the Samapa teacher tore out the pages containing the answers to all the questions from the VGS guide and reached the Vidya Book Center and Xerox Center and made several xerox copies of these answer sheets to Shiva, the owner. When the question paper from Numeron School was leaked, Samappa ran away from there.

The Circle Inspector Police said that the MEO closed the complaint on the part of Tandoor about disclosure of question papers and while registering a case against the Samapa teacher, the police arrested both and produced them in the court of Tandoor today from where they were remanded in judicial custody. I was sent there. There, the owner of the Xerox center, Shiva, is absconding and will be arrested soon.

Before presenting these two teachers in the court, the police conducted a medical examination of both of them at the Government District Hospital here. On this occasion, the Bandaya teacher did not respond to various questions of the media.

Tandoor police is also investigating from the angle that these two teachers had leaked the question paper to get financial benefit or just to benefit the children of their acquaintances.

” Full and authentic details of this matter Sahar News.com can be read by clicking on these two links.

Question paper of 10th class exposed in Tandoor of Waqarabad district, teacher arrested, mobile phone seized, officials busy investigating

Waqarabad district: 10th class Telugu paper question exposed in Tandoor, four government teachers suspended, criminal case against two: District Collector

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