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war between liars

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war between liars

For centuries it has been said that the first casualty in every war is always the truth. But there are wars where the lie is exaggerated so much that it ends up being more important than the reason for the battles that are fought. That is happening to the world with the increasingly costly and damaging war between Russia and Ukraine.

It is of such magnitude the versions, when not found exaggerated, issued by each side that one, spectator at a distance, barely manages to measure the tragedy. What has happened this week with the collapse of the dam of the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Station reaches degrading limits.

The Russians accuse the Ukrainians of having done the terrible damage because the cruelty of the war will allow them to continue calling the rulers of kyiv Nazis. The Ukrainians to the Russians because the damage is not only suffered by them with their irrigation channels, but also because the Central was in the hands of Russia since the beginning of the war. They are both probably lying at least partially. Satellite photos show that a week before the dam collapsed it was evident that it was already leaking water through a gap that was not a lock, so it may well have been a triggered failure.

But since war is won in these times with drones and not with planes with pilots, with missiles guided by the Internet and not with foot soldiers and, especially, with battles fought on Internet platforms, the cruelty of the act committed is diminished. before a humanity that has no leaders to stop this stupid march forward.

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The rupture of this dam affects the extensive crops of wheat, barley and sunflower (corn is grown in the north), which feed much of the world. Reconstructing it is possible if the war ends, but since it will take years, those fields will be the desert that the war of lies will leave us as a memory


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