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Waste, the Vas procedure for updating the regional plan has started

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During the public consultation phase it is possible to submit comments and contributions

The regional government has launched a Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure of the regional waste management plan for the five-year period 2021 – 2025. The programming document is updated with the European provisions on the circular economy that define the objectives for recycling, recovery and waste reduction. and landfill disposal.

The objective of the Vas is to analyze the “effects that the Plan can induce on the environment to favor the conditions for sustainable development”.

«The Vas procedure – explains the Department of the Environment in a note – represents the start of the public consultation phase regarding the contents of the Plan. During the publication period, anyone can submit their comments; the contributions sent will all be evaluated and, if accepted, will constitute elements for the modification of the Plan ».

The documents will be available online on the Region’s website. From publication, there will be 60 days to submit observations before moving to the Regional Council for the approval of the waste management plan.

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