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Water waste ordinances in Donnas, Hône and Arnad

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Water waste ordinances in Donnas, Hône and Arnad

Follioley: «Without the wells in most of the country we would already be without». The use allowed only for food and hygiene purposes, many fountains closed


Use of drinking water limited to food and hygiene purposes only, absolute prohibition of use for irrigation, washing courtyards or vehicles, and prohibition of filling garden tubs, swimming pools and ornamental fountains. In this summer of fire and without rainfall, the ordinances of the mayors for the correct use of water resources multiply. Starting with the drinkable ones.

From Arnad, to Donnas, passing through Hône, the invitation is the same: to avoid waste in the light of a situation which, if up to now has not yet determined direct consequences for the population, is rapidly destined to worsen in the absence of rain.

“Since the end of June we have imposed the total closure of all the fountains, only some are open to a limited extent because they are linked to uncontrolled water distribution networks – explains the mayor of Arnad, Alexandre Bertolin -; at the moment this measure has allowed us to manage the volumes of the aqueduct with the water we have available. But if we didn’t, we would have run into serious problems. Arnad has suffered from water shortages for years. For irrigation, the problems already exist in the areas bordering Verrès, not served by the irrigation network of the consortia. There the water to bathe fields and gardens is lacking and private individuals have organized themselves with the use of wells ».

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And the wells are allowing Donnas not to have problems with supply for now: “If we did not have active wells we would already be without water in a part of the country – says the mayor without too many words. Amedeo Follioley -. In the adret a spring has been dry for more than a month while in the envers hamlets there are currently no problems ».

Donnas has also closed the fountains for weeks: «We must better manage the water resources we have – continues Follioley – it is a pity that we often find the wells open again because some open the water in the fountains anyway and we have to intervene to close them. We will all pay the price of certain behaviors ».

The absence of rain then has repercussions in the agricultural sector. Coldiretti Valle d’Aosta asks that the request for a state of emergency be made immediately and that an emergency table be activated: “The persistent lack of precipitation and the anomalous heat wave with temperatures well above the average even in the high mountains are creating a condition of generalized water deficit in the Valle d’Aosta area, a situation that is putting a strain on the resistance and resilience of agricultural enterprises “, reads a note. “Our companies, already struggling with the price increases of raw materials, with the consequences of the war in Ukraine and with the instability of the government, with this drought emergency are faced with an economic crisis that for many risks becoming unsustainable” they explain Alessio Nicoletta e Elio Gascopresident and directortore of Coldiretti Valle d’Aosta. Who sent a letter to the President of the Region Erik Lavevaz and the Councilor for Agriculture Davide Sapinet asking that they take action as soon as possible to obtain a state of emergency as has already happened for other Regions. Amelio Ambrosi

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