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Way of San Martino: “Belluno must be part of it”

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Way of San Martino: “Belluno must be part of it”

It would be desirable that Belluno and its province were part of the “Way of San Martino”. These are the words that Christian Andreani, musician and president of the “San Martinu” association in Corsica, spoke during the conference held during the “Sani” festival in Cadore. Words he repeated when he went down to Belluno to visit the polyptych dedicated to San Martino in the crypt of the Duomo, accompanied by Luiberto Croce, president of Aics, and Paola Turchetto, guide “Campedel”, before going to the Culture Office of the Municipality for a first approach on the description of the project.

In front of the painting dedicated to the patron saint, Andreani exclaimed: «It is a masterpiece! The most beautiful and refined pictorial representation dedicated to San Martino, I have ever seen ».

During his stay in Cadore, Andreani had the opportunity to visit the church of San Martino in Vigo, completely frescoed, full of valuable artistic works and saw, from the outside, also the ancient one of Valle di Cadore, which has been closed for some time to because of the landslide on which it stands. But other churches and parishes are dedicated to San Martino in our territory: Fortogna, Pellegai, Tignes, Rasai and a village in the Alpago bears his name and again, the Pale di San Martino, the ancient “hospitale” of Zoldo, without forget the title of the Belluno hospital.

Faced with so much flourishing of places dedicated to the saint, Andreani illustrates the Way of St. Martin, which is part of an important European project complete with a cultural center, a path that goes from the French city of Tour where the saint was bishop, up to Hungarian city that saw his birth, the ancient Savaria, today Szombathely.

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In 2005, the Council of Europe declared the 2,500 km that unite the two cities, a “European cultural itinerary” an itinerary already traveled by the saint, leaving popularity and devotion everywhere. In Europe alone there are almost 5,000 churches dedicated to him, but his fame has also spread to the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines.

The European route is very ancient, older than that of Santiago de Compostela with a more cultural than religious purpose and, recently, precisely in the Veneto region, it made a detour towards the province of Treviso, in the lower Friuli and in Carnia: in short, it passes very close, but it does not touch the province of Belluno: “It would be nice”, hope Andreani and all his friends from Belluno, “that Belluno and its province also join the European project to become a cultural stage of this journey and promote the territory with the cultural heritage of art , music and popular traditions linked to the patron saint of the city ».

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