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“We are going to leave a city prepared in its tourist infrastructure”: Mayor Johnson

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“We are going to leave a city prepared in its tourist infrastructure”: Mayor Johnson

Mayor Virna Johnson visited EL INFORMADOR and through a live broadcast talked about how Santa Marta has improved touristically and whoever succeeds her should continue to take possession of the city.

Mayor Virna Johnson in an interview with journalists from EL INFORMADOR, manifested on the issues that are affected by Santa Marta and the strategies that are being implemented to counteract each of them. In addition, he pointed out that from now until December the news of the beginning of works and the delivery of others already completed will be given.

The president of the Samarios referred to the tourist potential that Santa Marta has and how work has been done so that the city take possession not only in sun and beach tourism as it has always beenbut also in tourism of biodiversity, bird watching and sports games like what recently took place in the city.

“After the experience of the V South American Beach Games, we left the city prepared even more than what was already coming in the organization of international multi-sport events, we also hope that the person who succeeds us; mayor or mayoress continue to possess the city to continue bringing different international games”.

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Likewise, he specified that the works that will be given began; such as the sanitary sewer system in Pescaíto, the new collectors, “that we are going to build from Bella Vista to Carrera 1, along Ebar Norte that will end the sewage, which can be seen in the Tenería, Bella Vista, Los Cocos and race 1”.

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He also noted that another of the works is the reconstruction of El Rodadero, Playa Salguero that has already begun and will mitigate coastal erosion for that sector “we are also going to be finishing works such as Campo Serrano avenue, 30th street, the highway main in Timayuí, the ring road of November 11we are going to continue rebuilding plates to be able to leave a better city in terms of public infrastructure and in all the programs that we are going to leave budgeted for the next year”.

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On the other hand, He specified that for some time he has been having conversations with national ministries to achieve more security for Santa Marta. “We have requested that more security cameras are needed to be able to monitor the city, it must be understood that Santa Marta, there are criminal gangs that are the ones that have increased homicides due to settling scores between them. Because we are asking the national government for more security, the city cannot remain in the hands of these bandits,” he said.

Finally, he said that the ‘Minor Works’, has been the continuity so that the program today is in its sixth phase, and generate a high degree of satisfaction among the communities.

“The program was so well received that, of the 256 Community Action Boards existing today in Santa Marta, 179 signed up; that is, 70%, which presented 195 proposals, which demonstrates the active participation and high acceptance that ‘Obras Menores’ has among the Samarians”, stressed Mayor Virna Johnson.

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