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«We are ready», Bucchi pushes the Banco

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«We are ready», Bucchi pushes the Banco

Dinamo made their debut on the Brescia pitch in game 1 of the playoff quarterfinals: “Good atmosphere, there is great desire”

SASSARI. «Playoffs, everything is reset». Well, absolutely not, it would be a real shame after the regular season grand finale. Coach Piero Bucchi is also convinced of this, just a few hours away from game 1 of the playoff quarters which (20.45) will see Banco di Sardegna play at Germani Brescia: “From now on everything that has been done so far counts, but up to a certain point. A new championship starts again – he says – We are fine-tuning the last things, the team is working well and the players want to play more than train. There is a good atmosphere: we are ready, aware that we will have one of the surprises of the championship ahead of us, given that he made a very good path, but we have faith in us, for which we have a lot of respect, but without fear ».

The biancoblù coach admits that he does not say “anything that is not obvious” in describing what the highlights of the match will be, but it is also understandable that we avoid discovering too much the cards, assuming that at this point of the season there are still secrets to be reveal: “The key will be to try to limit their offensive capacity and in attack we will look for a good circulation of the ball, which is what allows you to have good solutions, spaces and shots for everyone”. One of Brescia’s strong points, in addition to the ability to go all rebounds, is the pair of Della Valle-Mitrou-Long guards, people with many points in their hands and the fulcrum of the Leonessa’s game: “It is clear that to limit them it will be necessary to attack their leading men, who have grown towards the end of the season. But I believe that our opponents, especially with the addition of John Brown III, a very experienced athlete, excellent attacker and defender who has given more depth to the roster, have an abundance of players of a certain level, which makes them a very good team. complete “. In short, it is useless to think that by blocking some key men Dinamo makes life easier.

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Defensive transition and rebounds, especially offensive, are the things Brescia can play the most to put Sassari in difficulty and certainly Bucchi has worked on it in the last few sessions. While Germani, on the other hand, could be afraid of the variety of the biancoblù’s offensive mechanisms: «I think that at this moment of the season everyone will try to enhance their characteristics. I’m sure Monday (tomorrow, ndc) a good game will come out, played with intensity. And since we play away from home, we will have to be good at not giving them too many easy shots on rebounds and too many counter-attacks ». What role will Sassari play in his tenth participation in the playoffs: «I see two teams above all the others, Virtus and Milan: at this moment, the Bolognese in particular for depth, experience and players who weigh. The others are obviously a step backwards. But it will be a very balanced playoff ».

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