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“We plan works of regional impact, but the support of the national government is necessary”: Head of Planning

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“We plan works of regional impact, but the support of the national government is necessary”: Head of Planning

EL PILÓN interviewed Luis Camilo Cerchiarohead of the Planning Office of the Cesar department, about the construction of the 2024-2027 departmental development plan and the budget that the department will have in the next four years.

The Cesar Departmental Development Plan 2024-2027 is being built. What name will it have?

For government brand reasons, it will simply be called the Departmental Development Plan 2024-2027.

The plan has four dimensions: social, economic, environmental and institutional. Under these four dimensions, four pillars or large chapters are born: (1) institutional pillar, (2) productive and economic entrepreneurship, (3) human social and (4) security and public order. Programs and subprograms emerge from these pillars.

What phase is this departmental plan in?

On February 29, we completed the territorial diagnosis phase with the citizen participation tables in the four subregions of the department of Cesar: south, center, north and northwest. We were visiting different municipalities to listen to the community, who presented problems and alternative solutions.

From that, some alternatives were prioritized to be included in the development plan. Alternatives were taken into account for the educational infrastructure, hospital, road and basic sanitation sectors. Likewise, based on the tables, the investments that will be made in the four subregions were also focused.

Is the draft of the Departmental Development Plan ready?

On February 29, the first draft of the departmental development plan was delivered to the Territorial Departmental Planning Council and Corpocesar. They will issue the first concept with some observations in the subsequent 30 days.

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Once the CTP and Corpocesar issue us the concept, we would have the final version of the development plan that will be presented to the Cesar Assembly through a draft ordinance. We hope to present it in the first days of April.

And once approved by the Assembly, this new departmental development plan begins to take effect, which will be the route for the next four years.

What did they find on the tables?

The community spoke primarily of the need for economic development and entrepreneurship. In addition, educational infrastructure, schools, teacher training; on the other hand, hospital infrastructure, such as health centers; and of course, the road infrastructure for access to trails and townships.

And how are investments defined?

Once the territorial diagnosis and the initiatives to prioritize are in place, the multi-year investment plan is carried out to divide the department’s budget between the different sectors. Each sector is assigned an item, and from these sectors a series of projects are deployed.

How is the budget defined?

It is a projection that is made according to the history of investments and collections of the department. For this four-year period, around $4 billion was projected.

This is a government that represents continuity to the previous one… What projects do you have?

Cesar has a road infrastructure plan that has been under construction for 10 years. There is also an educational infrastructure plan. Investments have already been made in several municipalities.

When would the multi-year investment plan be published?
Once the goals resulting from the Development Plan are conceived, the multi-year investment plan is formed, and resources are assigned according to the goals. Almost always the bulk of the resources go to infrastructure, because in addition to employment it generates development for the department.

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Will more classrooms be built
We want to build 300 more classrooms in this four-year period. We are betting on regional investment projects, that is, not focusing on projects in a single municipality, but rather several.

As they are large-scale projects, we are knocking on the doors of the national government. Our governor Elvia Milena Sanjuán is knocking on the doors of the different Ministries to find out how they can help us because the department’s budget is not enough for what we have projected.

What other projects are pending?

We are working on the Valledupar aqueduct and sewage master plan, the reconstruction of Simón Bolívar Avenue and new educational institutions. We are in the process of hiring the consultancy for the construction of the first avenue of Valledupar, in order to form the complete road ring of the city. We are waiting for the results of the consulting.

By Deivis Caro

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