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“We want to find the boy”: Search for missing six-year-old continues

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“We want to find the boy”: Search for missing six-year-old continues

“We want to find the boy”: Search for missing six-year-old continues

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Even three days after the disappearance of the six-year-old boy Arian near Bremervörde in Lower Saxony, hundreds of emergency services continued their large-scale search with undiminished intensity on Thursday. The Bundeswehr has sent 250 soldiers to provide support, said a police spokeswoman in Bremervörde. Everyone involved is “still absolutely full of hope.”

“We want to find the boy,” added the spokeswoman, referring to the mood of the emergency services. This is very emotional. So far, no one is talking about a possible end to the measures. On Thursday afternoon, it was decided to continue the large-scale search in and around the area The district of Elm, which belongs to Bremervörde, has to start again “from scratch”.

In this context, residents are again being called upon to search all conceivable hiding places and corners for the missing autistic boy, said the spokeswoman. This even included garbage cans. Emergency services would comb the area again.

The child disappeared from his parents’ house on Monday evening and has been missing ever since. Hundreds of helpers as well as drones, helicopters and search dogs are in action.

On Thursday, after the discovery of a possible lead, the area of ​​a pond was searched with dogs and divers, according to police reports, with no results. A Bundeswehr reconnaissance tornado was even deployed over the area.

According to the police, due to his autism disorder, the six-year-old cannot express himself and does not respond to being spoken to, which makes the search even more difficult. It could therefore be that the boy is hiding somewhere and cannot come out even when search forces approach. Among other things, he feels neither hunger nor thirst.

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Following tips from parents, search teams also used balloons and candy to attract the boy’s attention. He reacts strongly to this. Balloons and sweets were placed in the forest and field areas around Elm, and some places are monitored with cameras. On Thursday night, volunteers also set off fireworks to attract Arian. According to the police, there were no plans to repeat the incident.

After three nights of cold and partly rainy weather, the child, who is only lightly dressed and without shoes, is now likely to be exhausted, it was said on Thursday. A forecast is therefore difficult. At the same time, the police spokeswoman pointed out cases in which children were found alive after much longer periods of time.

In Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, for example, a mentally disabled eight-year-old disappeared almost two years ago and was only discovered in a drain eight days later. He had crawled into the storm sewer and lost his bearings. Searches with sniffer dogs and drones were unsuccessful; a passerby finally found him by chance.

When he disappeared from his parents’ house, Arian was only wearing a sweater and sweatpants. In addition, he is likely to travel in socks without shoes. According to police, recordings from a surveillance camera confirmed that the boy disappeared from home alone.



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