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We will talk about climate in a few years

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No vax don’t want to listen to anyone in their war for their particular concept of freedom, they don’t even trust institutions. Thinking about it, the latter are the same ones that allow them to parade freely. They march in processions launching incomprehensible slogans because they are convinced that the pandemic is an invention to prevent the people from expressing themselves. Many are violent but there are not only members of the neo-fascist movements to organize the protest. The anger at the difficulties suffered in this pandemic year have caused an explosion of those who feel snatched from the dream of having a better future.

Who is responsible for so much malaise? It cannot be just the fear of the virus or the vaccine. In the years that have elapsed from the Mani Pulite trials to the present day, almost everything has remained as it was. Party politics had gotten too dirty to clean up. This is how the movements against the caste were born but soon proved inadequate to reform the institutions. With a leap we come to today: the state budget towards approval.

There are 222 million made available by Europe that will soon be examined by European bodies for a foregone approval. Some reforms will have to be made, others who knows. We are therefore preparing to elect the President of the Republic. Climate will be discussed again in a few years. In the meantime, Europe will surround itself with new walls to repel our fellow men from scorched lands.

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