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Weather forecast, bad weather throughout Italy. Temperatures have dropped since Monday

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Weather forecast, bad weather throughout Italy.  Temperatures have dropped since Monday

(iLMeteo.it) – Weekend with the cyclone. A low pressure of 995 hPa will cross central Italy in the next few hours, bringing bad weather especially to the central-southern regions, with locally heavy rainfall on the Tyrrhenian side; in the North we will have slightly drier local pauses before the return of rains and snowfalls at high hill altitudes.

Rain and snow

Matthias Gussoni, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, confirms the opening of the Atlantic gate to successive disturbed impulses: the gate has been wide open for almost a month and there has been no shortage of rain in Italy, after a very long period of drought. Excellent news, next spring we will probably have a good situation with regard to water supply: in addition to the rains, in fact, in the last two weeks there have already been significant accumulations of snow in the Alps.

The cyclone will pass over Italy, but unfortunately it will also bring storms to Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian coast, not excluded from Tuscany to Calabria. Obviously, being a rather deep cyclone, i.e. with a fairly accentuated low pressure minimum, over the weekend we will also have strong winds, tending to storm between Sardinia and the southern regions.

Unstable Sunday

Sunday will see the eye of the storm move towards the Balkans, which will position itself in the central hours of the day between Hungary and Romania. From this position it will also send a deterioration towards Emilia Romagna, Triveneto and Lombardy with rains and local snowfalls.

On the rest of the Peninsula we will have a timid gradual improvement, but in the north snowfalls in the evening up to the Adriatic coasts are not excluded, with a subsequent shift also towards the coasts of the Marches and the middle Adriatic. In short, an icy impulse from Hungary that will bring snow to low altitudes, even to the northern Apennines: caution for the motorway passages of central Italy which will see the first low-altitude flakes of the season.

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Temperatures have dropped since Monday

After the ‘weekend with the cyclone’ the situation will not improve: the first frost of the winter will arrive with a vertical drop in temperatures, especially in the North: peaks of -20°C are already expected on Sunday evening in the Alps up to 1000 meters above sea level and in the following days intense frosts in the morning even in the plains with -5°C/-6°C also in Milan and Turin. A freezing lash, the first of the season, which could also color the Adriatic coasts white in the night between Sunday and Monday, and above all prepare the Po Valley terrain for early flakes in the following days.


Saturday 10. In the north: very cloudy or overcast, rare rains. In the middle: increasingly widespread and strong bad weather. In the south: it gets worse and worse everywhere.

Sunday 11. In the north: scattered rainfall between Triveneto and Lombardy, snowfalls down to low altitudes also in Emilia Romagna. In the middle: more rain in Tuscany, Umbria, risk of low-altitude snow in the Marche in the evening. In the south: some rain in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, especially in Sicily.

Monday 12. In the north: good weather, but freezing. In the middle: good weather and cold climate. In the south: some rain in Sicily and Calabria.

Trend: frost slashes in the North with local possible snowfalls in the Po Valley, rains in the Centre-South.


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