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Weather forecast, more rain and bad weather but everything changes over the weekend

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Weather forecast, more rain and bad weather but everything changes over the weekend

(iLMeteo.it) – After months of drought and oppressive heat, a first turning point came with the beginning of Autumn. A series of perturbations led to bad weather and widespread, intense and alluvial rains in particular in the South and on the Tyrrhenian side.

In recent days we have recorded an exceptional humid flow which, starting from the African subtropical areas, the Canaries and Morocco, has reached the Italian regions: the high vapor content in the troposphere has favored storms and torrential rains. The energy of the sea played a complementary role with the very hot water temperature: we have witnessed a further worsening of bad weather, particularly along the coasts.

Another important aspect of this disturbed phase was the orographic uplift favored by the strong western winds: on the Apennine ridge there was accumulation of rain even over 100 mm in 24 hours, as well as in some areas downwind of the mountain range. In fact, we have also recorded storms between Molise, Basilicata and Puglia.

Bad weather until the end of the month

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, predicts that bad weather will accompany us at least until the end of September. Between Thursday and Friday a cyclone filled with cold air will cause storms from Sardinia to the Tyrrhenian regions and, this time, also on the Po Valley, an area not yet reached by significant rains.

In fact, despite the bad weather in Italy, the drought spectrum is still present on the Po Valley, with the flow of rivers reduced and the level of the lakes below acceptable values: we remind you that Autumn must be the queen rain season to avoid the deficit. water still continue.

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In Tuscany, for example, the rains of the last few days have restored dignity to the Arno river, which from a stagnant stream has regained its title as a river thanks to the abundant rains in the region.

Over the weekend, and in particular from Sunday 2 October, however, everything could change again: the high pressure will return towards the East and towards Italy carrying the classic Ottobrata.


Tuesday 27. In the north: last rains on the Triveneto, sun elsewhere. Center: scattered showers in Sardinia and at times on the Tyrrhenian peninsular. In the south: thunderstorms over Tyrrhenian Calabria and Campania, sun elsewhere.

Wednesday 28. In the north: unstable on Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Venetian coasts. Center: worsens from the afternoon on Tirreniche and Sassari. In the south: showers on Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria.

Thursday 29. In the north: new disturbance with bad weather. Center: new disturbance with bad weather especially on the Tyrrhenian side. In the south: some showers on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea, large spells elsewhere.

Trend. Intense disturbance until Friday, gradual improvement over the weekend.


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