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Weather forecast, three more days of abnormal heat, then everything changes. Beware of the fog

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Weather forecast, three more days of abnormal heat, then everything changes.  Beware of the fog

(iLMeteo.it) – In this period of high pressure, in advance, the first fogs have already appeared in the Po Valley, while the mistral has been replaced by rather hot southerly currents. The local poor visibility in the north depends on a huge and robust high pressure field, of about 1025-1030 hPa (or millibar, equivalent unit of measurement) extended from the Azores to the Black Sea: the stability of this anticyclone will lead to a prevalence of stable weather at least until Saturday, with accumulation of pollutants and humidity in the lower layers.

In fact, high pressure often means no wind: without the wind, humidity accumulates causing poor visibility. This phenomenon occurs especially during the night when the lower temperatures allow the condensation of water vapor in the minute droplets of the fog.

The October continues

Andrea Garbinato, editor of the site www.iLMeteo.it, indicates that in addition to the fog, we will still have October with temperatures up to 30 ° C. In fact, a significant temperature excursion is estimated, especially in the North, between the cold and foggy nights with a minimum of 8-10 ° C and the hot afternoons with maximums of up to 26-30 ° C: locally we may have a diurnal thermal excursion, that is the difference between the maximum and the minimum, of 20 ° C!

Sensible thermal excursion

In the morning we will go out with the down jacket and during the day we will take off everything to stay in a short-sleeved shirt: a particular period that will last until Saturday, then everything will change.

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A cyclone, at the moment, is in fact positioned over Algeria, North Africa, and will move towards Italy from Sunday, bringing a gradual increase in instability between Sardinia and the North-West: on Monday and in the following days, further deepening of this low pressure on the central Tyrrhenian with bad weather in the center-south and on the Triveneto.

In short, next week we could say goodbye to the mists and welcome the colors of autumn with widespread rains.


Thursday 6. In the north: good weather and warm, fogs in the night on the plain. In the center: good and warm weather except for veiling in Sardinia. In the south: good and warm weather except for local thickening in Sicily.

Friday 7. In the north: good weather except for low clouds and fog in the morning. In the center: hazy sky with greater densities between Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise. In the south: hazy, cloudy sky between Basilicata and Campania.

Saturday 8. In the north: veiled at times cloudy. Middle: veiled with rising clouds in Sardinia and some rain in the evening. In the south: cloudy between the Lower Adriatic and Calabria, sunny elsewhere.

Trend: worsening in the north and in Sardinia on Sunday, next week with probable bad weather, especially in the center-south and on the Triveneto.


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