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Weather forecast, two-sided weekend: sunny Saturday but rainy Sunday

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Weather forecast, two-sided weekend: sunny Saturday but rainy Sunday

The Octobrata that has been accompanying us since last Sunday will leave us next Sunday: a week of temperatures up to 32 ° C (in Sardinia), 29 ° C in the alpine valleys, 27-28 ° C in Rome, 24-26 ° C in Milan. Values ​​of 4-5 degrees above the average with peaks of even 8 ° C more: an almost summer situation that will be scratched by a perturbation rising from Algeria.
In the last few days a cyclone has in fact affected the Sahara in an anomalous way, also bringing thunderstorms in the desert, with subsequent severe bad weather from the Balearics to Catalonia. In the next few hours this cyclone will approach Sardinia bringing the first rains already tomorrow; subsequently, an increase in instability towards the Tyrrhenian sector and the north is expected. Antonio Sanòdirector and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.ittherefore confirms the partial worsening over the weekend with some rain, especially on the western side, but alert in particular for the arrival, from Monday, of rains and storms in the Center-South.
With the start of the new week, an intense perturbed flow loaded with water vapor is expected from south-west to north-east: in the movement of this perturbed front, the southern regions and the Tyrrhenian power plants could be affected by intense phenomena at least until Tuesday .

Then looking at the trend, the models confirm the arrival of the first real organized autumn perturbation: from mid-month a very deep cavity, extending from the Spitsbergen Island to Morocco, could also invade Italy, bringing widespread bad weather. Meanwhile, Sanò affirms, “let’s get ready for a weekend of two faces with a Saturday that is mainly hot and sunny and a more unstable Sunday”.

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In the forecast detail, tomorrow clouds are expected in the afternoon towards the North-West and Sardinia, here also with rain showers, sometimes compact veils in the morning instead between Abruzzo and Campania. Sunday will see, as mentioned, the arrival of the Algerian disturbance with many more clouds over much of Italy and more likely rains in the north, in Sardinia, Lazio and Campania.

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