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Wei Jin: Ma Yun’s “Refuge” in the Vegetable Shed, and the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection “Chased and Killed” Xi is afraid of a major event | Ma Yun | Alibaba | Common Wealth |

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[Voice of Hope September 12, 2021]The CCP’s suppression of private enterprises has been escalating, and the banner of “common prosperity” has been hung up to accept the huge “protection fees” of the rich. Under the rumors, on September 10, Jack Ma was on September 1 in Pinghu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, where he inspected the photos of the vegetable greenhouses. This is Jack Ma’s first appearance after 114 days of disappearing from public view. On May 10 this year, Jack Ma appeared in the 17th “Ali Day” event. Jack Ma, who is in danger, has released a signal of “returning to the pastoral”? Or implying an asylum of “not asking about politics”? But apparently the authorities did not let it go. On September 11, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection named Alibaba in an article, talking about anti-monopoly in order to prosper together. Is this a coincidence? What does it mean for the highest anti-corruption agency to speak out on “common prosperity”?

According to pictures and introductions circulating on the Internet, Jack Ma inspected the agricultural bases under Ali (to cooperate with the Hema agricultural product store). It is reported that in recent years, Alibaba is getting involved in digital agriculture, and has established digital agriculture bases and transportation processing centers throughout China, and has built more than 1,000 digital agriculture bases. In Ali’s digital agriculture base, most of the plants grown are fruits and vegetables.

It is not news that China’s technology tycoons are turning to agriculture and animal husbandry. For example, Ding Lei of NetEase started raising pigs in 2009 and is a “big pig farmer”. Ma Huateng also mentioned smart agriculture in the two sessions of the Chinese Communist Party this year. But Ma Yun’s every move is more eye-catching now, and his appearance in the agricultural greenhouse this time is naturally reminiscent.

Under the impact of the regulatory storm initiated by the Beijing authorities, these photos of Jack Ma were posted on social media, mainly because it was not as simple as “reporting safety” to the outside world. “Ping An” has been reported many times, and he is not in serious trouble now. Jack Ma is expressing his position that he will support agricultural development instead of being “obsessed with financial operations.” “The big shed” means a shelter from the wind and rain, and Ma Yun also wanted to say, “I will devote myself to the countryside, regardless of politics.”

However, when Ma Yun entered the vegetable shed, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the highest anti-corruption agency of the Communist Party of China, named Alibaba and other platforms on the 11th. It recalled that Internet platform companies such as Tencent, Meituan, and Alibaba were accepted by antitrust regulators. “There are no forbidden areas and no exceptions for anti-monopoly,” and “resolutely oppose monopoly, prevent the disorderly expansion of capital, and strive to standardize the order of platform economic competition”, so on.

The article also said that “setting traffic lights for capital expansion”, “anti-monopoly is about fair market competition”, “monopoly and common prosperity run counter to”, and believes that opposing monopoly can achieve the goal of common prosperity.

Prior to this, on August 17, Xi Jinping held a special meeting to promote “common prosperity”, to engage in “three distributions” and “encourage high-income groups and enterprises to return to society more.” This is widely regarded as the CCP’s money-grabbing plan.

At the 21st meeting of the Deep Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China held on August 30, the anti-monopoly regulatory strategy involved “common prosperity”, which was expressed as “building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, and promoting common prosperity.”

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Officials claimed that the rich “returned to the society” “is not compulsory.” However, under the power, a large group of rich people were afraid, and soon volunteered to donate huge sums of money as protection fees. On the day after Jack Ma visited the vegetable shed (September 2), Alibaba promised to invest 100 billion yuan in charity to help “common prosperity”. These funds are expected to be used in the “Ten Major Actions”, including “Help Promote the construction of agricultural industrialization” project. In addition, Ali announced the establishment of a 20 billion development fund in Zhejiang.

Where does the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, which implement the “gang rules” point?

The CCP has always been referred to as a “gangster” among the people, and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is the highest institution that enforces the “gang rules,” and it kills officials. The dispatch of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to speak out is of great significance. Ma Yun is a member of the Communist Party of China. Although he is not a member of officialdom, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s voice is still unusual.

I noticed that after the government’s “common prosperity” banner was sacrificed, Hangzhou officialdom was shaken. Many officials, including Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhou Jiangyong, were sacked. The matter was raged on the Internet, and it is said to be related to Ant Financial.

Internet broke the news that a female lawyer reported that in November last year, the listing plan of a financial technology company in Zhejiang was urgently suspended. Before the company went public, Zhou Jiangyong’s family bought 500 million yuan of shares first. Later, the IPO was suspended and Zhou Jiangyong’s family received a refund of 520 million yuan. Another family member of a leader in Hangzhou bought 50 million yuan of shares and received a refund of 52 million yuan. The report also said that there are many officials in Zhejiang involved in this matter. Although the Ant Group refuted the rumors and denied that the relevant personnel had invested in shares, it is no secret that Jack Ma’s connection with the Zhejiang officialdom.

China’s influential magazine Caijing also quoted social media accounts and introduced Zhou Jiangyong’s close relationship with Alibaba and Jack Ma.

But after Jack Ma has made his fortune over the years, are there still few high-ranking officials?

Hong Kong’s “Ming Pao” published a commentary on November 5 last year, saying, who is Ant Financial? Of course, the actual controllers are Jack Ma and Alibaba Group. However, the growth of ants has been helped by many “nobles” within the system. Huang Qifan, the former mayor of Chongqing and the current deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center, is one of them. The article said that Huang Qifan is the “midwife” of Ant Financial.

Huang Zeng publicly recalled that in 2013, Ma Yun went to Chongqing to tell him that he wanted to establish a loan company, saying that the small loan companies in Yiwu and Wenzhou, Zhejiang were being reorganized and all were frozen. Huang agreed to Ma Yun that as long as he does not engage in P2P (person-to-person lending), “I will do it all for you in three days.” As a result, of Ant Financial’s current profits of more than 10 billion yuan (RMB), 4.5 billion came from Huang’s approval of the establishment that year. Of two small loan companies.

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Huang Qifan is a member of the Jiang faction, but just like Zhou Jiangyong can’t get rid of the label of “Zhijiang New Army”, there are indeed many people in the Xi’s army who have helped Jack Ma.

“The Wall Street Journal” quoted people familiar with the matter on April 27 as saying that Beijing is investigating how Ma Yun quickly obtained the approval of Ant Group’s stock listing. Li Qiang, the current secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee who once ruled Zhejiang, was accused of supporting Ma Yun and Alibaba.

Li Qiang out of this sensitive time? Is there any political opponent who intends to spread the word overseas to draw Xi’s true cronies into this investigation? In this way, Xi Jinping will be very serious about the Ma Yun incident. Ma Yun’s fortune itself involves high-ranking officials of various factions. He has grown into deep roots in the political and business circles of the Chinese Communist Party, and he moved the entire officialdom when he moved. Not only did the Jiang faction and the princelings behind Ma Yun make him uneasy, but now Xi Jinping sleeps every night thinking that someone in the Xi family army is also involved. What should I do? Let’s take down Zhou Jiangyong and do it first!

Alibaba becomes a typical negative threat to regime security

Since last year, Alibaba’s position in Chinese society has obviously changed. This has nothing to do with its corporate revenue, but with the official rectification of Internet giants. First, the listing of the affiliated company Ant Technology Group was temporarily suspended in November last year; then Alibaba Group was fined RMB 18.228 billion in antitrust investigations in April this year; the Lakeside University established by founder Jack Ma and others was also forced to be forced in May. Renamed as “Lakeside Innovation and Research Center”.

Later, Alibaba reported that the supervisor sexually assaulted female employees. The official media took the lead in encircling and suppressing Ali. They criticized Ali for “not to be too big to fail” and “not to think of controlling everything like a South Korean chaebol.” The official media apparently used the topic and had other intentions, alluding to Jack Ma threatening the Chinese Communist regime.

The article “Everyone can feel that a profound change is underway!” posted by Mao Zuo writer Li Guangman on We-Media, was forwarded by many CCP networks led by People’s Daily Online on August 29. It should be from the top of the CCP. The meaning is directly pointed out: “The big comprador capital groups such as ants and Didi have moved towards the opposite of socialism.” “Our reform is to clean up these social cancers and these comprador capital groups. Remediation…”.

The CCP has always worried that some people might become richer than the enemy, or even form a cross-factional and cross-sector interest group. Moreover, once the group communicates with foreign countries, the authorities are afraid of threatening the stability of its regime.

It is said that Ma Yun has a close relationship with the Jiang faction of the Chinese Communist Party. Jiang Zemin’s grandson Jiang Zhicheng also owns shares in Alibaba. Many people believe that Ma Yun was punished by the CCP authorities because Ma Yun was involved in the power struggle at the highest level.

Xi Jinping’s authorities have long suspected that there is a “small circle of well-connected people and powerful people” who are ready to move. The Chinese stock market crash in the summer of 2015 is said to be a “financial coup” in which the Jiang faction dignitaries were maliciously short-selling by the authorities. In the early years, there was also an astonishing inside story, saying that it was Jiang Zemin’s grandson Jiang Zhicheng, Liu Yunshan’s son Liu Lefei, and some business tycoons who meticulously deployed their core industries such as the Internet and finance. Once the current situation changes, they can quickly launch their own people to the top of the political arena. Take over the power of the Chinese Communist Party.

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On June 20, 2017, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media disclosed Xi Jinping’s remarks indirectly supporting the rumors. Xi Jinping mentioned: “A group of vested interest groups gathered around every power center. These people are close to the power center. , They can monopolize resources and obtain huge benefits. They may be the powerful class, or they may be “white gloves,” who are walking on the edge and conspiring with power.”

At the plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in January this year, Xi Jinping said one after another: “Political issues and economic issues are intertwined, threatening the political security of the party and the country…” and anti-corruption should “focus on corruption cases where political issues and economic issues are intertwined.”

Xi’s words have been very plain, that the collusion between the rich and the powerful will threaten the security of the regime. This is the key target of the authorities’ “anti-corruption” attack.

It’s not Xi’s goal to kill Ma Yun

Earlier this year, Jack Ma was repeatedly suppressed for criticizing the Chinese Communist Party’s financial system. When Ma Yun’s whereabouts were unknown, the American journal “National Interest” published an article by Han Lianchao, the vice chairman of the American human rights organization “Civil Force”, saying that as a member of the Chinese Communist Party, Ma Yun might be detained by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The same Chinese entrepreneurs have spent a long time in the prison of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and will appear in court before being sentenced.

The author believes that Ma Yun had disappeared for a while, and it is indeed possible to be imprisoned in a “black room” for questioning for a short time. Now he should be free to be free. After all, the CCP will not kill Alibaba, a hen that only lays golden eggs, but must control the laying of eggs for it. After Ma Yun bowed his head and obeyed “supervision”, he handed over a huge amount of insurance money, and will continue to pay. There is no need to go to prison, but it is also equivalent to entering another kind of “prison.” After Xi Jinping successfully seized control of big data and allowed these network giants to transfer wealth to the party state, it is even more important to protect the senior Xi’s army who was also dragged down by Ma Yun, and to deter the Jiang dignitaries behind Ma Yun. Another round of financial coup has spoiled the important events of the twenty-five-day job.

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