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Wettest November since 2008 | The Importance of Limburg

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Rain fell almost every day last month, making it the wettest November since 2008. This is evident from the climatological monthly overview of the RMI.

In total, precipitation fell on 26 days in November, while normally it falls on 18 days. November 2008 also had 26 days of precipitation. Since measurements started in 1833, there were only more precipitation days in 1861 and 1974 (27).

During the rainy days there was also much more precipitation than average in Uccle: 132.2 mm, while the normal amount is 76.2 mm. This is the second highest value, well behind the record of 1991 (174.6 mm). The wettest day in Uccle was November 27, when a daily total of 14.8 mm of rain fell.

Even more precipitation fell in other places in our country. The south of the province of West Flanders was particularly hard hit. At the measuring point in Beerst, 274.8 mm of rain fell last month, the largest monthly total of data that the RMI has ever received in November. The RMI also recorded, just like in 2013, eight thunderstorm days in our country, while there are normally only four in November.

The sun showed little in Uccle last month and shone for only 37 hours and 15 minutes. Normally in the eleventh month we are entitled to 65 hours and 46 minutes. This made it the third gloomiest November since 1991.

In Uccle, the average temperature in November, despite the first winter bite of the past few days, was still above the average of other years (7.2 degrees) at 7.8 degrees. The temperatures varied between -0.3 and 15.1 degrees.

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