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What Americans think about the war in Gaza: Those responsible, Joe Biden’s handling and partisan divisions

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What Americans think about the war in Gaza: Those responsible, Joe Biden’s handling and partisan divisions

President Joe Biden’s management of the Gaza war has sparked more negative than positive reactions among Americans, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. The poll, conducted between November 27 and December 3, 2023, among 5,203 adults across the country, found that 41% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the crisis, compared to 35% who approve.

The survey also revealed significant partisan differences in opinions about the conflict. While 73% of Republican voters primarily blame the terrorist group Hamas for the conflict, 62% of Democrats agree. However, 50% of Democrats also blame the Israeli government, more than twice as many as 21% of Republicans.

Among age groups, those under 30 are the least likely to hold Hamas responsible, with 46% of respondents in that age group blaming the terrorist group. In addition, nearly half of those surveyed expressed concern about a possible increase in violence against American Jews as a result of the war. There were also partisan differences in this concern, with 48% of Republicans and 49% of Democrats expressing this worry.

The survey also asked Americans about their views on the impact of the war in Gaza on their country. 41% of Americans are worried that a terrorist attack will occur in the United States as a result of the conflict, with Republicans expressing more concern (48%) than Democrats (36%).

President Biden’s response to the conflict has been closely scrutinized. In the first instance, he provided full support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to respond to the aggression, later traveling to Tel Aviv in a significant gesture. The survey found that 21% of respondents believe Biden favors Israel too much, while 16% believe he supports the Palestinians too much. However, 25% say he has struck the right balance, and 38% are not sure, reflecting the ambiguity of opinions on this complex issue.

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The results of the survey are weighted by gender, race, ethnicity, party affiliation, education and other categories to be representative of the entire population of the United States. The survey also revealed that the younger the citizen, the greater the disapproval of Biden’s management of the Gaza war, while among those over 65, 50% approve of his handling of the crisis.

Overall, the findings from the Pew Research Center suggest that a majority of Americans believe that the blame for the conflict in Gaza primarily lies with the terrorist group Hamas. However, opinions about Biden’s management of the crisis are more negative than positive, with significant partisan and age differences in these views.

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