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What are Silvestre Dangond and Alfredo Gutiérrez planning?

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What are Silvestre Dangond and Alfredo Gutiérrez planning?

The followers of Silvestre Dangond and Alfredo Gutiérrez are excited after a meeting in a restaurant in the city of BarranquillaAtlántico, so many are already excited and wonder if the artists are planning a musical collaboration.

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Although little is known about the reason for the meeting, what is clear is the admiration that both artists have for each other, and this was confirmed by Dangond through a message published on his social networks, where he praised the talent and creativity of the three-time king. vallenato of the Vallenata Legend Festival.

He evolved so much on the accordion that the most difficult part of having done things well was that very few things surprised him. Teacher, thank you for making me feel that it was worth it.”, wrote Silvestre Dangond on his Instagram account.

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The reactions were not long in coming and followers, as well as colleagues from Vallenato music, applauded the meeting that they held and the invitation of the urumitero with the ‘Monstruo del acordeón’. Will they record a collaboration together? Will the trirrey accordion sound on Silvestre Dangond’s new album?

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