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What are the foundations to start from? Video

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What are the foundations to start from?  Video

Ferrari 2024 – Welcome to a new and exciting chapter in Formula 1 Race Tech! Today, we will dive into the technical world of Formula 1 and we will analyze the challenges and opportunities that Ferrari faces in 2024. After examining the words of legendary designer Adrian Newey in previous episode, the time has come to focus on the future of Scuderia Ferrari. From what base will he have to start to compete at the highest level in the top category of motorsport? Let’s find out together.

Technical News and Insights: At Formula 1 Race Tech, we are always on the lookout for the latest technical news and the most interesting insights. In today’s episode, we will explore different facets of technique in Formula 1, from chassis to aerodynamics. With the input of industry expert engineers, we will be able to offer a unique and in-depth perspective.

Analysis of the Ferrari 2024 Project: Scuderia Ferrari, with a history full of successes, is constantly looking for solutions to improve its performance and return to victory. In 2024, the team will face significant challenges, amid a concept revolution that began already this year in Barcelona. But where should the Ferrari 2024 project start to remain competitive again?

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