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What are the most fattening foods? These are prohibited

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What are the most fattening foods?  These are prohibited

Being overweight and obese means having a weight that is higher than healthy for a given height. A person can be overweight from extra muscle, bone, or water, as well as a lot of fat.

But both terms mean that someone’s weight is greater than what is considered healthy for their height.

But what are the most fattening foods?

1. Sugary drinks

Carbonated drinks, in addition to the fact that they can cause bad digestion, make you bloated. Avoid as much as possible those soft drinks that you drink before or during the meal, and get used to the water. It doesn’t matter if they are light or zero, because they all have gas.

Although, of course, sugar also affects and if you drink sugary drinks even worse, especially for those who are overweight in general.

In fact, if you drink a couple of glasses every day, you will increase blood glucose levels and, therefore, the risk of diabetes and being overweight.

2. The sausages

Most of the sausages sold in supermarkets contain a lot of sodium, this makes them better preserved, but excessive consumption can affect blood circulation. For every 100 g of sausage, 1,000 mg of sodium is calculated, which is the recommended daily amount.

Sausages provide us with high amounts of saturated fat, calories, salt and dyes. The sausages definitely do get fat.

3. The fries

The problem with products such as chips or batter is that they absorb a lot of oil (approximately 10% of their weight).

When we want to fry foods rich in water, such as; raw vegetables, vegetables, fruits or tubers.

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By submerging these foods in the hot oil, they experience the evaporation of the water inside. Causing the spaces previously occupied by water to fill with the oil with which it is cooking.

Thus, a simple potato can increase up to 4 times its energy intake. Due to the substitution of water for oil.

4. Fast foods

The traditional menu served in fast food restaurants is not only excessive in calories but also in products that increase your weight.

The so-called junk food is the name given to industrially processed (ultra-processed) foods, which are easily available and obtained (a large part of fast foods) and have high levels of salt, sugar and fat.

Junk food is fattening because it contains low-quality ingredients and is modified to make them taste better.

5. White chocolate

Although tradition says that we should eat chocolate to promote brain function, avoid using white chocolate since it is made with milk, cocoa butter and sugar and it is the most fattening variety of chocolate, since for every 100 grams we It provides 50 calories more than the rest of the chocolates.

What happens with white chocolate is that it does not have cocoa and is made up mostly of milk and sugar, which gives it more carbohydrates, proteins and therefore more cholesterol than pure dark chocolate.


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