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what are the most important differences

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what are the most important differences

What is the difference between the Justice League and the Justice Society within the DC universe?

With the arrival of Shazam! Fury of the gods interest in the room has been rekindled Justice Society. But what is it and why should it be different from the most quoted and famous one Justice League? To understand what they are differences (because, believe us, they are also numerous) let’s start from the sequel to Shazam.

Justice League and Justice Society: what are the differences in the DC universe

Attention. You will find below spoiler related to Shazam! Fury of the Gods, currently in cinemas. The second film starring a group of kids with superpowers inherited from a wizard introduced a new connection to the DC universe. In fact, in the first post-credit scene, the super version of Billy Batson meets two representatives of Justice Society, who ask him to join the group. At first, Billy mistakes the Justice Society for the Justice League and thus makes some sort of connection with Black Adam, who is Shazam’s nemesis in the comics. But what is the difference between these two groups? The first and most important is timing. Justice Society was founded long ago compared to the Justice League, both in the comics and in the DCEU. She first appeared in comics in 1940’s All-Star Comics #3, with the Justice League arriving 20 years later. In the comic, she included several figures such as Sandman, Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Specter and Doctor Doom. In general, the JSA is also considered the first superhero team in the history of comics, created by Sheldon Meyer and Gardner Fox.

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In Black Adam, the Justice Society is claimed to have been founded decades before Batman founded the Justice League. In this film starring Dwayne Johnson, the Justice Society of America has an important role. Thanks to the movie, it turns out that the JSA disbanded at some point, here’s why Wonder Woman e Batman they hadn’t heard of it and joined forces with the Justice League. In Black Adam, who is part of the JSA? Only four superheroes apparently (while in the comics there were eight): Doctor Doom (later died), Hawkman, Cyclone e Atom Smasher. And that makes the Justice League even more powerful, having more superheroes at their disposal. A fact that could change, if Shazam decides to join the team. But the biggest difference of all comes up Amanda Waller. It seems, in fact, that the Justice Society has a direct communication channel with Amanda Waller. After all, it was the Argus that warned them of Black Adam’s arrival.

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